Everyone wishes to live in a beautiful abode. After all, everything that we own is a reflection of our taste and personality.

If you think you are alone in your desire to beautify your house, think again. As per Statista, 232 billion US dollars are expected to be generated by the home décor market in 2021!

One thing that might limit you from transforming the entire look of your house is expenses. None can deny how expensive home décor can be.

Does this mean that you can’t stay within a tight budget and live in an aesthetically pleasing house, all at the same time? No!

Here are ways you can improve the beauty of your home while being on a budget.

  1. Look at each room as a blank canvas

Before you begin buying accessories and items to decorate each part of your house, take a step back. Sometimes we tend to splurge on things that a given space doesn’t even need. To prevent this from happening, you must take the right approach.

Ask any professional Rhode Island interior designers, and they will tell you the same thing- think of every room as a blank canvas. Forget about the furniture or the wall color a given space currently has. Instead, focus solely on its preexisting features.

Look at the type of floor the room has. Focus on the architectural details ranging from the wooden beams to the crown molding. Remember, the structural elements of your house are by far the most expensive thing about any given space.

Your job during the home décor process should be to make each of these elements as prominent as possible. Make them the center of attention. Accessorize and furnish every room keeping in mind its inherent beauty.

Don’t forget- something as striking as a well-built wooden fireplace will stand out more in a living room than an expensive painting!

  1. The right crown-molding can make all the difference

An attractive home is necessarily the one with the most expensive furniture and decorative items. A visually pleasing abode can be one that focuses on the accurate details. And the chances are you aren’t focusing on the details that matter- your crown molding!

Crown molding is an excellent way to make any space look premium, high-end, and complete. The right crown molding can help ensure synergy between the walls and the ceiling. Without this element, a given room can end up looking poorly finished. And that is not the effect you would want to create!

The good news for those of you who are on a budget is that crown molding is quite inexpensive. Especially if you choose a paintable, plastic version, and if you trust the right providers, even the plastic versions can end up looking high-end.

When you begin looking at crown-moldings, you will realize that there are various widths for you to choose from. Pick the widest one possible, while staying within your budget. Depending on how much you can spend, including a variety of molding in your rooms. This can include a crown, high baseboard, columns, ceiling medallions, chair rails, and ceiling beams, etc.

  1. Add a pop of color to every room

Nothing improves the beauty of your home, like the right wall colors. When it comes to home décor decisions, choosing the perfect paint color for every room is hands down, the most difficult decision you will have to make.


This is because all your remaining décor decisions will be based on the color of your walls. For instance, blank walls usually reflect a regal look. Keeping up with this theme of the room, the right approach is to place minimal furniture in complimenting colors.

Don’t pick colors room by room. Instead, you need to think thoroughly. First, begin by deciding whether you want soft and understated colors or if you wish to be bold and dramatic with your wall color choices.

How do you decide? Well, let your personality show. Choose colors that best represent you and don’t hold back.

  1. Pillows for Elegance & Comfort

Anyone who walks into your house should feel awed by its elegance as well as by how inviting it looks. One item that helps perform both of these functions are pillows!

Selecting the right pillows can help make any room look more elegant than it is. Additionally, when in use, pillows tend to provide comfort to your guests.

Decorate your living area and bedrooms with the right mix of pillows. Place pillows that are large enough for people to rest on and soft enough to ensure coziness. Opt for a 22-inch pillow cover with a 24-inch worth of material to relay a fluffy look.

Large and overstuffed pillows tend to look very elegant and plush. Adorn the pillows with beautifully knitted or stitched pillow covers, and voila, you have the perfect ingredient to beautify your rooms!

  1. Hang paintings

Don’t worry! We don’t mean expensive high-end paintings. Instead, you can find various unique art pieces in thrift shops. If you have the right wall color and can select the ideal placement for your paintings, you can make any room look visually pleasing.

If paintings are not your cup of tea, opt for DIY art and family photos instead. The idea is to make your house look like an inviting place.

Just make sure of one thing. When you select wall hangings, think carefully about the size you are opting for. The idea is not to cover your entire wall with artwork. Instead, strategically place hangings of the right size to ensure that your wall ends up looking like a masterpiece in itself.

Ending Remarks: Don’t let your budget hold you back!

Just because you don’t wish to spend exuberantly on decorating your house doesn’t mean you can’t fulfill your desire to live in a beautiful home. All you need is creativity, and you can transform the look of your abode in no time.

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