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by Emma Gill, Guest writer

Our home is a place where we feel happy and safe. Everything from curtains to lighting reflects our living style. The lighting at our house depicts our attitude and status. So, it should be such that it shows the welcoming, decent, and lively nature of the people residing in the house. 

Hence, below are some of the trendy lightings in 2019 for your dream house:

5. Chandelier

Chandeliers are famous since the medieval period and a common form of decoration in the museums. Earlier they were designed in the shape of a prism to spread light evenly all over the room. Nowadays, because of the LED lights, the lighting system has become more convenient and efficient.

They are known as crystal chandelier as they include both the mirror and prism effects. You can install these chandeliers in a spacious area like drawing room, staircase, or lounges due to their large size. So, fix them anywhere you like and give your house a royal touch.

Dimmers are also known as recessed lights and are ideal for lighting a specific area. It saves a lot of electricity and can circularly fit on the ceiling. You can use them to brighten as well as lighten the house.

There are 3 sections of recessed lighting: the housing, trim, and bulb. The housing consists of a bulb or lamp holder inside the ceiling. The trim is the area from where the light is visible from the fixture. You can fix various types of bulbs like halogen, fluorescent, or incandescent into its holder.

3. Hanging Lights

Hanging lights are also known as the pendant lights. They are the long lights that hang down from the ceiling with the help of cables, cords, chains, or metal rods. They are ideal for giving a modern and classy look to your dream house.

You can fix these lights anywhere, maybe in a kitchen, rooftop, or bathroom. They are available in different shapes, designs, and materials ranging from glass to plastic.

Nowadays the pendant lights come with adjustable cables, so it is easier to fix them according to the height of each room. These lights use fluorescent or halogen bulbs which consume less voltage and conserve electricity.

2. Floor Lamps

Floor lamps are popular among all households. You can move and place them anywhere according to your convenience. These lamps spread light in a particular area and subtly in the whole room.

You can place them at your bedside or by the poolside during night time. They make your place cozy, warm, and bright, adjusting to your current mood. These lamps are available online or at any lighting store in various shapes, sizes, colours, and designs.

1. Conclusion

The lighting of our house apart from being classy must be environment, budget, and health-friendly. They should spread evenly all around the area and should not strain our eyes. Selecting lights according to the purpose of the room is sure to beautify your dream house.

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