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Imagine this; you have finally saved up enough money to actually on your own after 16 years at a corporate job. So, you go to see a house that you fancy. You love the house the moment you enter it. You see a few problems but decide that you can work with the dripping roof and the tiny balcony and no garage.

However, you see the bathrooms in the house that are 3 in number, and all of them fail to impress you with their mediocre design. At this point, anyone would have a change of mind even if they were willing to compensate for the lousy roof, balcony, and the non-existence of a garage. 

The Importance of Bathroom Design

This shows how vital bathrooms in a house are. You see, a bathroom design must not only be appealing but reflect your style. Besides, it must also function as well as it looks while providing the comfort that you need. That is a whole lot of expectation from bathrooms, don’t you think?

So, in modeling a bathroom, the considerations will be numerous. Picking out the equipment you want to the fixtures you need and the finishes that suit everything are just some of the problems you will deal with. Therefore, unlike any other spaces in your home, the bathroom will involve a lot of input from your side. The financial contribution is recommended to be about 5% to 10% of your home’s value. 

But, do not hesitate to add an extra few bucks for a bathroom remodeling because according to, the typical return on investment on a bathroom remodel is up to 70%.

Professional Remodeling 

Before going for professional remodeling, though, you must have your idea about space usage in the bathroom. Your opinions will matter because the bathroom design must be a depiction of yourself. To help you generate this idea, here are some tips:

  1. The Layout

One of the very first considerations in professional bathroom remodeling is the layout. This usually depends on but is not just restricted to the installation of your sink and toilet. This means that the entire bearing of your arrangement depends on the positions of these two or three essential fixtures.

Before you decide the position of these fixtures, keep in mind the various designs available in the market. Browse the plans for your favorite ones and pick out the very best. With these designs, experiment with layout visualizing how each would look in a designated spot.

Once you think you know the perfect design, draw a rough sketch of it for yourself, so you are more evident when you explain it to the person working on the remodeling.

2. Tile Usage

Bathroom designs rely heavily on tiles. One of the reasons why this is so is because tiles are much better than handling moisture than plain painted walls. So, you might find that the paint will swell up with the moisture and break away. 

Another reason for tile usage is that they allow you to add design to your floorings and walls, unlike any form of paints. Therefore, tiles are one of the primary factors that determine the design of your bathroom and help set the tone!

However, tile usage must be limited not just to save cost but add a unique flair. Instead of adding tiles to the entire length of walls in your bathrooms, add tiles only to a satisfactory height on walls. Complement the rest of the wall with paint that matches the color of these tiles and adds similar finishing on the ceiling. 

However, always remember to get around 10% more tiles than you initially wanted to compensate for cutting and breaking. Hold onto some extra ones for later repairs because tile designs run out of the market, and you might not find some later on. 

3. Lighting

Of course, fixtures and fittings are the basis for any bathroom design, but the light has its place. Great lighting in the bathroom can be the most important distinguishing factor for your professional remodeling. 

In this context, makeup lighting is one of the essential concepts that you will come across. And when it comes to makeup, the general perception is that the best lighting for makeup is daylight. So, you should always keep a source of natural light in your bathroom.

Of course, you cannot have daylight at night. So, the lighting in the bathroom must always be with the mirror. But that too is not enough. A lighting control system can minimize glare in the presence of water and help you get the perfect lighting in your bathroom. 

4. The Environment

If there is anything that says modern, it is the environmental considerations. According to the latest estimates, we only have 18 months to take decisive action against climate change. In such a situation, the only viable path to tread is one that makes the environment into consideration. How can you do that?

By using fixtures and equipment that conserve water. You can do so by using water-saving showerheads and faucets and trying to recycle your soap water for your flushes. Keeping the environment in consideration when getting your bathroom done is essential. If you are going to opt for the bathroom remodel Sacramento, then you need to be aware of the weather transformation in the Sacramento region! Finding environmentally friendly equipment is no big deal today with a wave of environment-friendly widely available over the internet and in markets. 

Final Thoughts

In any remodeling project, never undermine the value of great color in your bathroom. Using light colors and huge mirrors will significantly enhance the perception of space in your bathroom. On the other hand, dark colors will give your bathroom a more textured look. The only important factor is to pick the right color scheme.

Modernizing your bathroom is not just an act of updating your home, but also about easing your usage and investing in your house. A great bathroom will add value to your house and be the highlight of your house. 

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