Photo by Ajay Donga from Pexels

by Rebecca Siggers, Guest Blogger

There aren’t many people who would disagree with the fact that life is all about experiences. However, skills don’t come when you’re in your comfort zone- home! The best way to gain unforgettable experiences is by travelling. No classroom can teach what travelling does. In addition to seeing different places, cultures and way of life around the world, it shows you a lot more that ultimately helps you to become a better person. When you choose to travel around the world with your family, that experience is at a whole new level altogether. Family travel is something everyone must do to have a healthy relationship. Here are some reasons why family travel is vital:

1. Brings You Closer

These days, active lives and busy schedules hardly leave you with any time to spend with your families. And when you do, your attention is divided by many other concerns that linger on the back of your minds. Travelling together is a great way to make up for that family time. It helps you connect better with your families and eventually brings everyone closer. Furthermore, closeness is essential to build solid trust and understanding within the family.

2. Helps To Become More Tolerant

People often perceive the world only by judging through their own experiences. Life is a challenge for everyone around the world but people don’t appreciate what they already have. Travelling (especially for kids) is a great way to experience the underprivileged part of society and become more appreciative of what you already have. That way, they can become more mindful and tolerant members of society.

3. Children Perform Better In School

While travelling, children learn things that cannot be taught at school. They get educated in real sense. All the observations and thoughts experienced while travelling comes in handy when they go to school. They understand situations better, apply logic and attain skills that are useful in day to day life. For example, specific skills like problem-solving gained from travelling are useful during exams at school as well as while doing tasks daily. Multicultural immersion and knowledge acquired through visiting different places are also rewarding at school.

4. Build Memories

Parents always want to give their children a childhood they can reminisce at some point in the future. Travelling allows them to create fond memories and experiences that they can remember for the rest of their lives. Though they might not be able to recollect exact events and places, they will surely remember all the pleasures and moments that they can cherish for a long time.

5. Improved Decision Making

Right from choosing the places to visit and creating itineraries, involving children while making plans is highly visible. They will gain practical knowledge and improve at decision making. These skills are of high regard as they grow older and will learn to apply it in realistic scenarios. Also, they get immense pleasure when their opinions are considered which ultimately leads to a better understanding with other family members. Plan your next adventure with this scratch off map in Amazon and wander freely across countries with your kids.

6. Appreciate Nature

It is quite easy these days to forget what nature has given us. Travelling is a great way to experience and appreciate all the natural habitats and surroundings we have on the planet. Understanding the provision of forests, rivers, mountains and oceans by Mother Nature creates a sense of humbleness and gratefulness in all. It is especially important in the case of children who tend to stay indoors these days. Such trips shall bring them closer to the environment and would prevent them from taking it for granted.

7. Sustainability

All the issues regarding climate and the environment are best understood by travelling. All the member of the family must learn the importance of sustainability. Such regard has developed a need for responsible travel in which a place is travelled by a person with the least possible impact. In addition, the person leaves the place in a condition better than when it was visited. An approach like this actually helps local community, culture, environment and our planet as a whole.

8. Conclusion

Responsible travel can create better experiences for the whole family, and by showing our children the importance of responsible tourism, we can keep making travel better for future generations.

No amount of words can fathom the importance of travelling with family. No matter what place, a family trip is always full of experiences, adventures and memories that everyone shall cherish for the rest of their lives.