Since we all seem to have time on our hands for DIY projects…and since at some point it will quit raining and Spring will arrive… Here are some helpful maintenance tips to get that lawnmower in tip top shape for grass cutting season.

  • If you didn’t drain the gas before you put it in storage for the winter. Now would be the time to do it. DO THIS FIRST, before anything. Do not even short run your mower with gas that has been sitting there all winter. Get some fresh gas into your machine
  • Crank it up! Let her run for a couple of minutes and then shut it down. This will knock the sentiment in the oil tank. Now drain your oil into an ecologically safe disposal container.
  • Check the spark plug. If the tip shows signs of rust, put in a knew one. Now remove it. If there is carbon build up when holding up to the light at the bottom, a little sandpaper will clean that up.
  • Now if you were lazy and didn’t clean all the oil and grass off before storing it for the winter. Clean it now. Don’t y’all be using no hose. Use a little elbow grease with a putty knife or such and get rid of all the old junk around the engine. This will help her run cooler
  • A clean air filter helps maintain proper fuel-air ratio, thus improving fuel efficiency. Replace air filters in your mower after every 25 hours of operation. Filters that have a pre-cleaner can last up to 100 hours.
  • Sharpen the blade. If you have these skills and have done it before, go for it. If not, then take it to a professional. A sharp blade makes for a cleaner cut lawn and less work on your mower.
  • Check all cables and pull cord for any frays or wear and replace if needed.

Tips For Spring Home Maintenance


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