Look we aren’t gonna try and talk to y’all about social distancing this Memorial Day weekend. We just wanna give you some data to make sure you have enough food and drink to feed any gathering :

After some research, we found some helpful guidelines to figure out what you need:

  • Know your guests when it comes to figuring out how much alcohol to buy. Some drink more than others. Others drink more than some. Y’all know what I mean. But for this exercise we are gonna figure 2 beers per hour/ guest for those that enjoy that. 1 glass of wine per hour/ guest. 1.5 mixed drinks per hour/guest.
  • 1 bottle of 750 ml wine serves 5 people
  • There are approximately 15 “shots” ( 1.5 oz pours) in a 750 ml bottle of liquor
  • Ice- 2 lbs. per person.. Temp over 90s? make it 3lb.
  • Mixers- 2 bottles per whatever liquor you are planning on mixing with. i.e. 2 bottles of tonic per bottle of gin.
  • Sodas- Keep it simple. Go cans, and figure 2 per guest and then for mixers think a 2 L soda contains approx. 80 oz. or 10 8 oz. glasses
  • Water- You can never have enough- figure 3 bottles per guest.
  • Chips and Dip – 2 bags of chips and 1 pint dip per 10 guests
  • Meat- Depends on what you are cooking. Burgers and dogs are simple. Ribs, think 5 bones/guest. Steaks- Have your butcher trim down to 5 oz/guest. Pulled BBQ- 1lb/4 guests.
  • Potato Salad – figure 1 lb/ 7 guests
  • Ice Cream – 1 Gallon/12 guests
  • Pie- 1 Slice per person
  • Sides- 1 lb/5 guests

Like we say, this is just guidelines. It’s not a true ruler, but, hopefully it will help y’all when doin’ your party  ciphering.