Beautiful Belligerence Cover

Beautiful Belligerence is a first-person dark comedy based on real events. In 2013 four friends decided to plan a trip to a Kansas City Chiefs game. What ensued was a wild tale of experience, exuberance, excess, fate, and friendship played out across Kansas City, MO. Set to the backdrop of an emotional undoing, this first person narrative tells the story of a weekend where four friends left their inhibitions to the wind and decided to live free for the sake of their friendship.

“Beautiful Belligerence is a story for anyone who has experienced hard times and laughed with friends. It is a story of becoming. It is rambling, nonsensical, radical, ridiculous, and hilarious. It’s the truth. One of the major themes in Beautiful Belligerence is the constant battle between being locked in your own head full of negative thoughts versus the outside world that your friends help you experience.  Love and laughter can conquer all if they are embraced. I find the honesty in this book to be refreshing. I focused on presenting the characters, as well as myself in all of our glory. I had three friends who were there for me in a tough time. My friends kept my mind off of the negativity for the most part. They made me laugh. This book is in honor of them.” – Brent Beamer

“Honest. Ridiculous. Hysterical. Beautiful Belligerence knows how to party!” – Aaron Warbritton

Beautiful Belligerence is self-published by Brent Beamer. RRP $9.99
ISBN 978-0578674223
Available on Amazon and Kindle. Soon to be available on Audible in audiobook format.

About The Author

Brent Beamer is a self-published author as well as a self-released indie music artist. Brent’s writing is largely inspired by the wild country and characters of Northeastern Missouri where he grew up. Brent tends to approach writing with a realistic perspective, blending in a fair share of wit and humor into his honest interpretations of modern life ethos. Brent counts among his many influences to be John Steinbeck, Mark Twain, Hunter S. Thompson and Bob Dylan.