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“HEAR Now” Festival Goes Viral This Month

For the first time in the eight-year history of the preeminent Kansas City-based audio fiction and arts festival in the U.S., the 'HEAR Now' Festival will hold...

“Beautiful Belligerence”- New Comedy Book About KC Trip

Beautiful Belligerence is a first-person dark comedy based on real events. In 2013 four friends decided to plan a trip to a Kansas City...

2020 Super Big Game Bowl Predictions

It's here!! Here we go into the last week on the regular season and one of America's biggest sports events takes place this Sunday. This...

National Geographic Says KC Top 2019 City

According to global branding advisor, Resonance, Kansas City, Missouri is one of the top 30 Best Cities of 2019.  Hired by National Geographic,  Resonance combined...
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Toying Around In KC

Recently listed as one of the Top 30 Cities in the World to visit, Kansas City offers a lot more than BBQ. Among those...