Photo by Tom Vanderheyden on Unsplash

Almost  half of Americans turn to DIY to make improvements to their house. As we are coming into fall and the weather cools a little, it is the ideal time to do some jobs to start preparing your home for the winter months. You don’t have to get the professionals in: there are plenty of  projects that you can do yourself and still get a professional-looking result.

Paint the outside of your house

To any Southerner,  how their home looks is important. Many people also find that part of the agreement with their homeowners association is to make sure that the exterior of their house is kept in good condition. Painting the outside of your home isn’t a technical job: it is a fairly simple process that can be done by most DIY enthusiasts. Using stucco paint is one of the most versatile ways to paint your home, because it hides any imperfections easily and repels water. Stucco paint is extremely adhesive, making it easy to lay on in just one coat. You can use a roller or a sprayer, and because the paint is water-based, it’s easy to clean up if you spill some.

Clear your gutters

Leaks and blockages in your guttering can cause dirty water to run down the side of your house, damaging the external masonry. If left long enough, it can even cause damp problems in the interior of your home. Fall is a good time to  completely clear your gutters of any moss, leaves and twigs before the increased rainfall in the winter. Clearing gutters is a simple DIY job; all you need is gloves and a ladder. If you find that there are minor cracks in plastic guttering, then you can use repair tape to cover these up easily. For metal gutters, use a gutter and roof sealant with an applicator gun to fill any cracks.

Check your home for drafts

According to the US Department of Energy, drafts can consume up to 30% of your home’s energy use, meaning that you end up paying more. They also found that 11% of heat is lost through windows and doors. This fall, methodically go round your home and check all of your windows and doors for drafts. You can use fillers and sealant to deal with any drafts around the edges. It is also worth investing in some simple draft snakes to place at the bottom of doors to keep the heat in.

Fall is the ideal time to get your home ready for winter. These simple DIY jobs will help protect your home and keep it looking good all year round.

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