by Isabella Rossellini, Guest Contributor

Whether you are adept in cooking or not, you play the role of a chef daily in your home kitchen. You prepare food for family and friends when you take an off from your office. It can be one of the most enjoyable experiences of your life. To make sure the setting is perfect for a self-appointed chef, you buy topnotch knives and pots so that they can make your job easier. You get organic fruits, veggies, and grass-fed non-vegetarian items, too, keeping in mind everyone’s health and safety. All these errands help you assemble the wholesome spread in your kitchen. You must be wondering all these are so obvious. So, what’s new?

Well, did you ever think of an addition that could take care of your entire cooking journey in the kitchen from the beginning till the end, something that made your food prep, serving, and cleanup task hassle-free? It’s a workstation sink. It might not be a new concept, but its growing prevalence in modern residential kitchens is proof that home cooks love it. Since they are available in incredible choices for an affordable price now, you get one more reason to embrace one of these features in your favorite cooking area.

For an idea, you can explore the eclectic range of workstation sinks by Kraus USA Inc. Also referred to as chef sink, a workstation sink is a complete package in itself as it comes equipped with various accessories, such as chopping board, colander, bottom grids, serving board, and drying rack.  All these make meal preparation extremely comfortable. What else makes this ingredient a must-have choice for a modern kitchen and the cook?

Reasons you should invest in the workstation kitchen sink

Easy cleanup

It is one of the main highlights of chef sinks that you can rarely expect from some other model. The accessories that you get with this type of sink make your cleaning job post-lunch or -dinner easy because they allow you to perform your duties in an organized manner. For instance, you can think of drying racks that are available in different choices. You can choose a drying rack that sits on the workstation ledge on one side or a roll-up rack that you can spread over the sink to leave your wet utensils there for drying. Whatever you select, your countertop can remain mostly free from the mess.

Similarly, if you look at the cutting boards and colanders, you will realize that these custom-fit add-ons with workstation sink also aid in keeping your kitchen worktop clean while you wash, cut, and store all the fruits and vegetables in the sink area itself. 

Trendy mounting options

If you skim through statistics, you will come to know that undermount makes 92% and farmhouse 81% of style preferences when it comes to kitchen sink installation. If you buy a workstation sink, you can choose between any of the popular styles easily. Undermount workstation sinks can complement granite, marble, stainless steel, and composite countertop surfaces perfectly. However, if you wish to increase versatility, then farmhouse sinks in this model can be another consideration. Overlapping cabinet rims, the stainless-steel farmhouse sink particularly stands for durability and easy maintenance. Because of these merits, you can encounter this combination in workstation sinks in many kitchens. 

Choices of materials 

The contemporary sinks remove all the boredom and dullness from your kitchen with their smart choice of materials. If you browse through Kraus’s workstations, you will find that the use of varied materials has made them more preferable and envious. They can meet any interior theme seamlessly, along with being extremely functional. If stainless steel attracts you for its clean and practical nature, the composite materials convince you to lend your kitchen an innovative twist.  No matter what you select from them, you can rest assured of a pleasant experience.

However, when checking stainless steel workstations, it would help if you focused on those models that featured 16-gauge stainless steel, especially for its long-lastingness and toughness. These sinks can be available in a variety of sizes, ranging from 23 inches to oversized 45 inches. It means you can buy one of them not just for your kitchen but a bar or entertainment space too.

Granite or quartz composite workstations, on the other hand, look fabulous in flat apron front designs. The water-repellent surface allows this material to stay stain-free due to which you don’t have to work hard on keeping it clean. In stainless steel, you don’t get different colors. But with this material, you have the freedom to choose from black, brown, white, and charcoal tones. These colors wouldn’t go away even after continued use, thanks to their fade-resistant trait. Since it can tolerate UV rays also, the risk of discoloration or fading gets even slimmer. Plus, you cannot ignore the ledge design that makes these models highly practical and empowering.

From this, it is easy to anticipate why workstation sinks can be a useful addition to your kitchen where you spend hours preparing meals for your dear ones, making any day a special occasion. Now, you can get this design at a cost-effective price also. Hence, you don’t need to worry about the budget. It will not affect your kitchen remodeling dreams. However, make sure you search for this design in reliable brands only as they stand for quality assurance and reasonable pricing. As hinted above, you can try Kraus’s workstations.

From appropriate shapes and sizes to accessories, you can expect everything from your branded workstation kitchen sink. And once installed, it will not only enhance the functionality of your busy space but also add a touch of uncanny glamour. It can transform your everyday cooking place into a professional workspace that any chef would admire. So, what are you waiting for now? Check the size of your kitchen and decide whether you need a small workstation sink or an oversized one. It would help if you also made a mental note of the overall appearance of your kitchen so that you can pick a suitable material to go with its ambiance.

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