black lives matter
A vast majority of Black Lives Matter protesters in 4 cities came from close to home.

Mobilewalla, a consumer data and analytics company, today released a new report detailing the demographic breakdown of the George Floyd protesters in four major cities: AtlantaLos AngelesMinneapolis and New York.  The data provides insights into the age, race, gender and city of residence of the protesters observed during the day and nighttime hours and was collected on May 29th, 30th and 31st.

For a deeper dive into the report and charts, click here. For a more detailed breakdown of the methodology, click here.

Here are key findings from the report:

Protesters Inside vs. Outside of the City:

  • The vast majority of devices indicate that the protesters, were not outsiders, but came from inside all four cities: 79% within Atlanta, 90% in Los Angeles, 87% in Minneapolis and 91% in New York.

Ethnicity Distribution:

  • A substantial majority of the protesters were white, in the cities where the data was gathered, with the highest percentage in Minneapolis (85%), followed by Los Angeles (78%), and Atlanta and New York (both at 76%). A total of 18% of the protesters were African American in Atlanta, 11% in Minneapolis, 13% in New York and 3% in Los Angeles. Those numbers remained steady during the nighttime hours. Hispanic and Asian American participation was less than 10% in all four cities.

Male vs. Female

  • During the daytime hours, the majority of Black Lives Matter protesters were male in Atlanta (58%), Minneapolis (56%) and New York (62%). However, in Los Angeles, the greatest number of protesters during daytime were women. At nighttime, the percentage of male protesters increased in all four cities.

African American Males vs. Female

  • African American males made up the majority of protesters in the four observed cities vs. females. Men vs. women in Atlanta (61% vs. 39%), in Los Angeles (65% vs. 35%), in Minneapolis (54% vs. 46%) and in New York (59% vs. 41%). There was no statistical change for the nighttime hours.

How Old Were the Protesters?

  • The overall age of the protesters in all four cities skewed heavily in the 18-34 age ranging from 66% in New York and L.A., 67% in Minneapolis to 69% in Atlanta. Protesters in the 55+ age group ranked second ranging from 24% in New York, 23% in Atlanta and Minneapolis to 20% in Los AngelesMinneapolis was the only city showing a statistically significant change where the younger age group grew from 65% to 74% from day to nighttime and the 55+ group shrank from 24% to 18%. Protesters in the 35-54 age group was less than 10% overall.

Mobilewalla CEO and Chairman Anindya Datta Ph.D., says, “Using our data and sophisticated AI techniques, we are able to paint a portrait of the protesters, leading to a better understanding of the impact of this historic protest. One of the most revealing findings of the report was that it was unlikely protesters came from outside of the city where the protest was taking place.”