When parents heard for the first time that their children’s schools would be shuttered and that schoolwork must be completed remotely, they became homeschoolers overnight. Or did they? Is homeschooling simply doing your schoolwork at home? Many families who have been homeschooling for years gently would say, “No,” and come alongside families affected by the current pandemic to demonstrate that homeschooling can be a way of life, not just a chore to get through each day. Countless parents have taken to social media to express their frustration and concerns with teaching their kids at home due to the virus. While trying to balance work with making sure their children are paying attention to Zoom classes and completing their assignments diligently, parent patience is running thin. Some of these families are sticking with the public school option for various reasons, but homeschooling companies such as The Old Schoolhouse® are providing resources for families interested in exploring the flexibility that homeschooling has to offer so they do not become overwhelmed by trying to adhere to a strict schedule mandated by others.

The creative minds behind The Old Schoolhouse®, who have been providing homeschoolers with the premier homeschooling magazine for almost two decades and the growing SchoolhouseTeachers.com curriculum platform, have come together to provide those considering homeschooling and new homeschoolers alike with a valuable resource entitled The Homeschooling Primer. This unique resource outlines what homeschooling is and what it is not. It explores the different learning styles that children may fit into and how to teach them creatively. It dives into the variety of homeschooling styles so families can ascertain which might be the best fit for them. Additionally, a special needs section is included to help parents interested in caring for their special learners in the home setting.

Gena Suarez, publisher of The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine shares, “Our heart is to help the families who have decided to take the plunge into homeschooling both short term and long term. If it is short term, we hope to help them have a pleasant experience, and if it is long term, we have a wide range of resources available throughout every stage from preschool through high school.”

For families who are still considering their options, a print version of The Homeschooling Primer is available for purchase for only $5 in The Schoolhouse Store, or it can be downloaded for free at www.TheHomeschoolingPrimer.com.