So, y’all apparently the “Natural State” is home to a lot of supernatural places.

  1. Crescent Hotel- Eureka Springs
  2. Peel Mansion– Bentonville – Said to be haunted by former Congressman Samuel Peel and his daughter Minnie Belle who loves the piano.
  3. Jacksonville High School – Home of the “Mumbling Man”.
  4. The Clayton House – Fort Smith – Built in 1882, according to it’s former director there is a room on the second floor that will scare the daylights out of you with slamming doors, hair tugging and other paranormal experiences.
  5. Basin Park Hotel – Eureka Springs-  The sister hotel to the Crescent mentioned above. Most go to this hotel just to see if they can snap a shot of the little girl in pigtails, or the blonde with steel blue eyes, or the many reported orbs of light said to be seen circling the property.
  6. The Allen House – Monticello- Home to the spirit of a daughter who committed suicide by drinking mercury-cyanide and a father who still grieves her loss.
  7. Pea Ridge Battlefield – Garfield- Home to one of the most important battles in the Civil War, people claim the spirits of soldiers can be felt following them.
  8. Mount Holly Cemetery– Little Rock – The ghosts of confederate soldiers and Native Americans are said to prowl the graves, playing flutes and moaning.Sometimes the tombstones occasionally rearrange themselves in the night.
  9. Old State House – Little Rock- Home to John Wilson’s spirit, who reportedly killed a man over wolf pelts. Was found not guilty but his guilt ties him to the grounds.
  10. Arlington Hotel– Hot Springs – Spirits roam the halls, wine bottles fall off shelves on their own, and the spirit of a bellman who still loves his job. Rumored favorite spot of the Chicago and New York mob families who visited for the healing hot springs. Lucky Luciano was arrested here. Babe Ruth stayed here for his Spring training.