Photo by Joe Calomeni from Pexels

For years now you have toiled. You have tried. You have failed. Failed at great expense to your pocketbook. Great expense to your pride. You are tired of winning “The Sacko” (“The League” reference, there may be more). You want “The Shiva”(again “The League”) !!

You know what you want…that all greatest title in the world that says you belong with the greats like Stram, Landry, Shula, and so many others. That YOU are the MAN or WOMAN . That if the great coaches of past years could draft anyone they wanted, not had to draw up plays, could manage their teams from the comfort of a bar stool…That those people could be as great as you…The Fantasy Football Champion.

It’s an elite company though..There can be only one..and that one knows how to walk the walk, and talk the talk…for at least one season. For, the fantasy gods are fickle. What one offering worked one year might not work the rest. First to worst being the greatest fear of all.

I finally tasted glory this year after years of failure. I too chased the all elusive goal, against the biggest jerks I call friends on the planet. But, in the end, I was triumphant. El Campeon rose to the top and “Woooooo” walked that aisle!

Today my fantasy friends I bring the gift of advice. Because, fantasy football advice is so good. There just isn’t any out there. Follow my advice and you too could be a winner like me. Now, there are no guarantees. It’s a COVID year. And you have to factor in injuries. And the running game isn’t important, but, you should draft running backs early. And the WR pool is deep this year, but, you should balance your team…..wait, my bad, lemme turn off ESPN…..ok, first piece of advice: turn off the noise. Second piece of advice: Go with the gut , over the heart…turn off your brain.

And with all of that said, our league is 12 teams. Online draft. 1 point PPR league with a RB/WR/TE flex position, 3 WR, 1 QB, 2 RB, 1TE, 1 TeamD, 1 K and 5 on the bench If you didn’t understand anything I just wrote.. Stop and send your entry money to me…

The Prep

Do a couple of mock drafts. Let the rhythm move you. Get used to those quick rounds. I like using Fantasy Pros free simulator, because it runs fast and I can pre-set my league settings. Know your injuries.Know what players have bowed out due to COVID this year. Pre-rank your players just in case an act of nature causes your internet to go down.

Draft Day

Stock up on supplies: beer, tequila, and pizza. By now you should have prepped. You have your worthless magazine published like right after the draft. You have listened, unfortunately, to everything Matthew Berry has to say. You have watched every mock draft special. Now just stop!!!

About an hour before draft, check the ESPN or NFL wires for news. Crack open a cold one and breathe. You are fine. 30 minutes before the draft, boot up your online draft..find where you draft and start preparing mentally. And crack open a beer. 15 minutes before, pour a shot of tequila. 5 minutes before, go to the bathroom.

The Draft

The draft has started. Now here is what works for me: Watching how the picks are going, and NOT overthinking the first round. If you have the #1 pick and you don’t take McCaffrey, please stop playing fantasy football. I take best available first round, I don’t even stress the position. Then I start tweaking, but, not over reaching rounds 2-5. In recent draft everyone went RB crazy.. Allowing me with the 8th pick to get Adams, Robinson, Moore and Hopkins. In the 5th, Dak was sitting there and I took him.

Now, you may ask– BUT WHAT ABOUT RB?? RB comprises 2 spots on our roster. Since RB was so hot so early, I decided my Flex would be ruled by the WR this year. So, while not a necessarily strong RB position, it is legitimate : Hunt, Moss are my starters and I have AP(picked up waiver as upgrade) and Carlos Hyde on my bench. My WRs on the bench are Emmanuel Sanders ,Golden  Tate, and Preston Williams(picked up waiver as upgrade).

You can try for a balanced team but it never works for me, I just end up with a hot pile of .500 mess. So, beginning last year I experimented with taking what was strongest early, and then worrying about making moves with other positions later.

Don’t worry about bye weeks during the draft. You aren’t even sure if half your roster is going to be there in Week 5, let alone trying to back-up your team for that week. Take bye weeks as they come. They should not be part of your draft strategy.

Post Draft

Injuries, COVID, and disappointments like the Chicago Defense are going to happen. Work your waiver wire. Case in point. My last 2 picks were Bryce Love and Allen Lazard. Wires said Love might get cut, and AP was going to be the starter. He just happened to be on the waiver wire, so boom!! Preston Williams went undrafted, reports out of Miami were favorable, plus I don’t like having 2 WRs from the same team on my roster, so boom!!

Don’t just work the waiver wire post-draft. The waiver wire should be your friend, your companion. If Team dum dum gets drunk and accidentally cuts a should know. Underperforming positions need constant tweaking.


Have fun. Usually, there is money involved. And no one likes losing money. But, it’s not the players fault your team didn’t win. Inevitably, it’s yours. You decided to get into this crazy thing called fantasy football. So, if you can’t enjoy it, I suggest don’t do it.

Also, one last piece of advice to the guys- If your significant other has a team- Don’t give advice unless you are asked. It doesn’t go well.

Good Luck. Have Fun. And be a winner…like…well like me!!!