Harvest Hosts, an $80/year membership-based network offering RV owners and renters free overnight access to more than 1,200 wineries, farms, museums, and other attractions across the US.

For an extra $40 you can get access to over 300 golf courses.

Experience memorable visits to historical museums, aerospace and automobile museums, botanical gardens, distilleries, cideries, and other exciting attractions

According to the site, they are signing up around 100 hosts per month to make sure there are plenty of spots for travelers.

While the site will not divulge the sites until you become a member, we were able to find some spots. An interactive map can be found here.

  • An Alpaca Farm in Indiana
  • A winery and lavender farm in Oregon
  • Casey Jones Distillery in Kentucky
  • Kruger Street Toy and Train Museum in West Virginia