It’s a 3-day weekend of NFL Football, and College Bowl Season kicks off!!! Let’s take a look at how the NFL could shake out going into the second to last week of the regular season.

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NFC Scenarios


New Orleans Saints – NFC South division

Green Bay Packers – playoff berth

San Francisco 49ers – playoff berth

Seattle Seahawks – playoff berth

GREEN BAY PACKERS (11-3) (at Minnesota (10-4), Monday, 8:15 PM ET, ESPN)

Green Bay clinches NFC North division with:

1) GB win or tie

DALLAS COWBOYS (7-7) (at Philadelphia (7-7), Sunday, 4:25 PM ET, FOX)

Dallas clinches NFC East division with:

1) DAL win

MINNESOTA VIKINGS (10-4) (vs. Green Bay (11-3), Monday, 8:15 PM ET, ESPN)

Minnesota clinches a playoff berth with:

1) MIN win or tie OR
2) LAR loss or tie

Wild-Card Race

5. San Francisco (11-3)

6. Minnesota (10-4)

7. Los Angeles Rams (8-6)

Green Bay and Dallas can join New Orleans and the Seattle Seahawks as division champions with victories in their respective Week 16 contests.

If the Minnesota Vikings defeat the Packers, or the Los Angeles Rams lose to the San Francisco 49ers, they earn a playoff berth.


Seattle has the inside track to home field due to a better mark against common opponents than Green Bay and a superior conference record compared to New Orleans.

AFC Scenario


Baltimore Ravens – AFC North division

Kansas City Chiefs – AFC West division

Buffalo Bills – playoff berth

New England Patriots – playoff berth

BALTIMORE RAVENS (12-2) (at Cleveland (6-8), Sunday, 1:00 PM ET, CBS)

Baltimore clinches a first-round bye with:

1) BAL win or tie OR
2) KC loss or tie OR
3) NE loss

Baltimore clinches homefield advantage throughout AFC playoffs with:

1) BAL win OR
2) BAL tie + NE loss or tie OR
3) KC loss or tie + NE loss

NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS (11-3) (vs. Buffalo (10-4), Saturday, 4:30 PM ET, NFL Network)

New England clinches AFC East division with:

1) NE win or tie

New England clinches a first-round bye with:

1) NE win + KC loss or tie OR
2) NE tie + KC loss

HOUSTON TEXANS (9-5) (at Tampa Bay (7-7), Saturday, 1:00 PM ET, NFL Network)

Houston clinches AFC South division with:

1) HOU win OR
2) HOU tie + TEN tie OR
3) TEN loss

Houston clinches a playoff berth with:

1) HOU tie + PIT tie OR
2) PIT loss

Wild-Card Race

5. Buffalo (10-4)

6. Pittsburgh (8-6)

7. Tennessee (8-6)

8. Cleveland (6-8)

9. Oakland (6-8)


If the Ravens avenge one of their two losses to Cleveland, they will lock into the No. 1 seed. They would also clinch 1st Round Bye