If you would “Sooner” be dead than to be caught in a haunted fort, this article might not be for you. But, for y’all that don’t mind things that go bump in the night, we got some stops for ya in Oklahoma:

  1. Stone Lion Inn BNB – Guthrie – According to legend, the 8,000 square foot home was where 8 year old Irene Houghton met her fate when a nurse overdosed her with cough syrup containing opium. She is still said to be up to her mischevious ways to this day.
  2. Cherokee Strip Museum – Alva – Near “No Man’s Land” the building has seen its share of death since it was completed in 1932, and whether or not you encounter paranormal activity at the museum, you’re sure to come across the bricked up second and third story of the building, a player piano that seemingly plays at random and a mysterious blood spot on the floor that refuses to be washed away.
  3. Cain’s Ballroom – Tulsa- Cain’s ballroom was the site of Bob Wills & The Texas Playboys’ first regular radio broadcast. Bob and a lady in red have never left according to reports.
  4. Historic Fort Reno – El Reno – Established in 1874, the area has been a fort, remount depot and German prisoner of war camp during WWII. Though no specific spirit has been identified, visitors to the fort have encountered a number of strange things including faces in the windows, water faucets turning on by themselves in the visitor’s center and mysterious orbs showing up in photograph.
  5. Veteran’s Lake – Sulphur – Reportedly the creepiest place in Oklahoma, and one of the most haunted in America. You’ll find many locals say they won’t swim in the lake because it’s haunted. They don’t want to risk an “accidental drowning” by one of the victims of drowning or see apparitions of previous lake goers.
  6. Bird Creek School – Pawhuska -A one room schoolhouse which was built in the early 1900’s for Native American children.If you are brave enough to enter the building, you should write your own name on the chalkboard that remains in the classroom.If you then leave for a few minutes it is said that when you return your name will have been erased from the board by the spirits who linger here.
  7. Langston’s Western Wear – Oklahoma City – The 1919 building that houses Langston’s Western Wear was originally a dance hall and bar. It is said to be haunted by two ghosts, Rose and Patty, who are trying to find each other. The 1920s-1930s women were sisters and taxi dancers at the dance hall when a jealous boyfriend shot Patty in what is now the children’s clothing and women’s boots section on the first floor. Rose then hanged herself in an upstairs rooms.
  8. Timber Ridge Cemetery– Catoosa – According to legend has it that a Native American boy who was hit by a car and killed while riding his bicycle in 1989 is buried here.Known as Haunted Hollow by locals,witnesses say that his spirit, along with his bicycle, can be seen along the roadside. Some say they have felt as if they hit something, but on getting out of the car and taking a look, found only a bloody hand print on the front of their car. Others say that those who walk past the graveyard may get sudden nosebleeds or see orbs above the graves. Also, the cemetery gate has been reported to open by itself.
  9. The Witch’s Grave of Skiatook– Hillside Mission Cemetery – The story goes that the woman (the witch) was devoted to her husband beyond the day of his death. After her husband passed away she kept his body in their house, attempting to use spells to bring him back to life. The townspeople attempted multiple times to bury the witch’s husband in vain, because after they would bury his body, the witch would dig his body back up and return him to their home.Finally the townspeople buried the witch’s husband, but this time they covered the coffin with concrete, to entomb it for the rest of time. The witch is said to haunt the grave at night still to this day.
  10. The Skirvin Hotel– Oklahoma City – In the 30s , W.B. Skirvin held a maid he impregnated captive on top of the 14th floor, before and after her pregnancy. The distressed young woman supposedly would scream and bang on the door, but no one would help her out of her prison. The maid eventually went mad, and jumped out the window with her baby in her arms. Two NBA teams have blamed losses to Thunder because screams kept them up all night.

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