solo travel for women

by Rebecca Siggers, Guest contributor

You are the best Travelmate for yourself. Trust me! It certainly does not mean that you cannot hang out the world with your family, friends, or siblings, maybe, but you can better travel the world on your own. Solo travel gets a boost everywhere where the survey by says that more than 60% of American Women love to travel alone. This article is a gender discriminitave piece. Males stay away. Here I have made a list of the ten best and smart solo travel tips for women. It can ensure your safety and can direct you to something right for you! 

1. Switch on your sixth sense:

Women have very powerful instincts. They can read and sense the situations well. The foremost thing being a female solo traveler you must do is activate your inner sixth sense. You must judge the evils around you and competently find a way out there! Your safety must be your utmost priority. Utterly follow the conscience and make your moves safely.  

2. Plan and then explore:

If you are alone, it is advisable for you that plan first and then travel. You must know the timings about the places well in advance you are going to visit. You must be aware of the transportation medium that will take you there. You must know the appropriate way of visiting the place. Planning and then traveling can reduce the chances of risk on your solo trip.  

3. Don’t open up easily to the unknown:

Females are frank by kind and friendly by nature. They are outspoken personalities and have a habit of talking a lot to unknown people even. In excitement, do not share your further plans, and, the reason for what are you doing here. Opening quickly to an unknown person may create trouble for you. Remember – you are on a solo trip, try to remain solo! 

4. Don’t let your stay known to everybody:

The biggest mistake you can commit if you say where is your stay. Being open to somebody and letting them know about your stay might indicate wrong signs to them. Maybe someone would consider that you are appealing them for a hookup or something like that. It is better to meet the person out of your stay at some other place at a cafe in a restaurant maybe! 

5. Enable your presence of mind:

While traveling solo, at any time you feel that the circumstance won’t result in a sound consequence, you must use your presence of mind. For instance, if you get mis-driven by any of the drivers, you need to act smart. You can blow the whistle for getting help from outside. You can forcibly make the driver stop the vehicle by hitting him hard. 

6. Remain conscious always:

A very, very important thing to take care of on your solo travel is to remain strictly conscious. You must not get over drunk at any cost. Whatsoever level of happiness you are now at, you must not become unconscious about yourself. Getting drunk will open the doors for the damn! Problems. Ensure that your drink or alcohol is not left naive. 

7. Become a regional person:

A woman is free to dress in the way she wants. Whereas at times, it requires a slight change. When on a solo trip, a woman must try to wear in a way that blends the regional trends. It will sound a little dramatic, but believe me, it is significant sometimes. It will help you in making a look like the rest of the crowd. 

8. Try to pre-book things:

When you are traveling solo, you are the only well-wisher of yours. It is more suitable if you pre-book things. You need to book your stay ahead of all. Similarly, you can book your transportation medium. Your tickets for the conjunction flights, trains, buses, that you will board for the rest of your trip. You can even book the tickets for any monuments in advance to avoid nuisance and waiting in long queues. 

9. You can go on a day tour:

There is also a way out if you get bored at some point on your solo travel. Being a woman of wonders, you can choose to book a day tour. You can also rent a private car with a set of car roof racks installed for the best solo experience ever. These racks would make sure that you travel comfortably and all your luggage is placed safely. Touring for a day will let you learn a lot, along with knowing yourself pretty good than before! 

10. Your belongings must not “disappear”:

Imagine you are traveling solely, and your essentials get lost away. What if your belongings blew off somewhere or someone steals it, you will remain back with burdens. It is, therefore, necessary that you keep your valuables safe and up to you. Have a constant eye on it. Any minor loss can lead you to unfavorable conditions. Without cash or your passport that was with the essentials, you will have to stay back to your travel destination only! Just kidding. 

In a nutshell – these tips are specially for female travelers who prefer going on solo trips. Any mistake in not following any of these tips could leave you in a panic present. It is better to be safe than to be spontaneous. You can travel for life, only if you have a life with you!

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