by Guest Writer, Rebecca Siggers

In our daily hustle-bustle, we seldom get any time all to ourselves. The monotony of city life can bring down even the most enthusiastic person into the grip of existential dread. Wanting adventure from life, people can’t help being caught up in a robotic schedule that could drain the life out of any optimistic individual.

A way to rejoice and awaken your soul is to get close to nature. But your nature getaway ought not to be just about basking in Mother Nature’s lap amidst wild flora and fauna. To make your retreat from the urban life into the wilds more exciting and adventurous, consider taking your bike along with you. If you have a knack for biking already, you might probably know that all the sights and experiences become much more venturesome when you’re out moving on paths unknown.

The idea of any biking trip is incomplete without the presumption that you might come across any off-road tracks. So, before you plan your trip, you should pay enough emphasis on the vehicle you are going to use for your commute.  Any good mountain bike will work if you’re off-roading as long as it’s not super old or damaged in any manner. 

Your next concern should be the location. There’s no point taking your bike out for a route that covers normal roads only. While you are out biking, you would want to cover tracks and trails that are much more exciting than just straight roads. To help you choose some exciting locations where you could off-road in peace, we have brought together some popular locations within the US that will satisfy your wanderlust.




Image source: Pixabay

This location is famous for the spectacular views that it offers to its visitors. From bare canyons to spectacular lakes and rivers, and also plateaus and flourishing fauna, Grand Valley will provide you with some incredible sights. Do not be surprised to find biking trails along the canyons or even on the sides of some lakes as this is already a popular location for bikers across the US.


Image source: Pixabay

To take a challenge is to partake in the adventure fully. If you are keen on levelling up your mountain biking adventure, consider the Poison Spider Mesa Trail in Moab, Utah as the place to go. Even serious bike riders and experts claim that this trail along the rocky, sandy region of Utah is quite challenging, considering the strain that the desert climate of the area puts on the bikers. So, take your Honda CRF and explore this adventurous track for a heartwrenching experience.



Image source: Pixabay

Vermont is best known for its years old, aesthetic bridges and the same are likely to make your biking trip feel absolutely out of the ordinary. Vermont will give you steep climbs up on mountains, jumps, and turns, making biking trips the best memory you can wish for.


Image source: Pixabay

Cycling tracks in the serene location of Bend, Oregon will leave you breathless with its charm. With the sight of some glorious mountains and calm lakes, bicycling along the trails in this area will give you an experience of a lifetime.


Image source: Pixabay

The region of Sedona, Arizona, is known for its red rocks and pine forests. There are not many drops, but there are a few ledges that will keep you alert if you choose to cross them on your bike. It is an ideal destination for adventure, with many biking and hiking trails across its rocky region. 




Image source: Pixabay

The climate of this location is refreshing and soothing to the eyes. While it might seem like you will require an off-roader SUV to be able to explore the breathtaking views here, it is not quite the case. With a good mountain bike, you will be useful to cycle across many separate biking trails set upon the mountains for dedicated bikers. 


Image source: Pixabay

The Finger Lakes Trail in New York is another challenging trail for even experienced bikers. You will find several creek crossings in rich pine forests along your way through the track. You will also find plenty of sharp turns and unexpected drops that will lead you down the rocks if you aren’t trained enough. But what is an adventure without any danger, isn’t it? 

These off-road biking locations will welcome you with fresh wind and enjoyable sights. So, what are you waiting for? Get your dusty old mountain bike out of your garage, give it a nice wash and pack your bags for an adventure you had always been waiting for. However, do not overpack your car with too many bags and in case you do, install a defender 110 roof rack for the excess so you could ensure a safe space for your bags and bike to enjoy your little adventure.