Seashells,cleaner air and water pictures, monkeys taking a swim. All across the internet, videos and pictures are appearing of Mother Nature during the pandemic:

5. Outer Banks, NC

The Outer Banks Park Service popped this video up of 1,000s of seashells washed up on the shores of the Outer Banks. No one there to find them a new home.

2. Elk Take Over Golf Course

courtesy Colorado State Park and Wildlife

1. Endangered Species Sighted in Cancun as Hotels and Resorts Have Closed

Endangered animals such as jaguars, leatherback turtles, great curassow birds and crocodiles have been sighted in the urban areas and even in hotels of Cancun and the Riviera Maya in the Mexican Caribbean that have been empty of people following restrictions imposed on account of the coronavirus pandemic.

And Then There Is The Fake News

No you won’t see pictures of Elephants drunk in India, or Dolphins swimming in the canals f Venice, because, they are fake. Professional groups like National Geographic have debunked these. Our little slice is from professionals like National Park Services and Ecological authorities . We hope y’all enjoyed.