Christmastime is a popular time for people to go out and travel. Whether it be visiting relatives or escaping the harsh winter, you can find people flying down south during this time. Because of the business of everything, traveling by plane can start to get a little hectic and overwhelming. Here are some things to think about packing in your carryon to make the trip a little easier.


Traveling somewhere for Christmas means you probably have gifts for those people you are going to see. It’s a wise idea to pack your presents in your carryon if you can, especially if it’s something fragile. This way you’ll know where it is and what’s happening to it at all times. Checked luggage often gets thrown around and is not necessarily treated with the utmost care.


Baggage claims can be rather busy this time of year, so if you’re looking to save time trying to pack your clothes in your carryon bags. You’ll be able to leave the airport as soon as you are off the plane, and you also won’t have to worry about lost luggage. There are several tips for packing that will make it possible for you to have what you need in one bag. For instance, bring things that are versatile and can be worn more than once. Don’t forget to bring your Santa hat and Christmas gear though!


It’s common courtesy for one to bring some type of dish or drink to a holiday party, and that’s still the case for you. Don’t let flying scare you away from bringing everyone some type of treat. You may also want to think about bringing some snacks for yourself while you travel. If you’re on certain dietary restrictions, don’t forget to pack those as well. Be sure to check the airline rules for what you can and can’t bring on the plane though. You wouldn’t want to bring something like your bottle of Gundry Md Vital Reds only to have to throw it away at security.

Sleep Aides

If you have an early flight or know that you’ll be traveling for the majority of the day, don’t hesitate to bring some things that can help you get some rest. If you tend to get anxious easily, allowing yourself to get some sleep could help you relax. Flights tend to get chilly, even when flying in the winter, so bringing some type of travel blanket or extra sweater could help you stay warm. You also don’t want to leave the plane suffering from a severe neck ache, so think about packing a neck pillow or something that can help keep your body upright, but comfortable.


The Christmas season is one of the most traveled times of the year. This means you will encounter all types of people, of various ages and attitudes. Because of this, you may want to include some various medicines in your carryon. Headaches are common to get during these times, so you’ll want to make sure you have something that can help you relieve it. You also might do a lot of walking around the concourse causing you to suffer from various muscle and joint pain, so be sure to have something for that as well.


Although traveling by air is often faster than driving, you’ll still find yourself needing something to do. Long flights or layovers can become even longer if you don’t have a way to pass the time. While most people use electronics, there are several other things you can do to keep busy. If you’re traveling alone, you could consider bringing some books or activity books to complete. If there are others in your party, pack some easy to play games or make some up on the spot.


Because of the holiday rush, flights tend to get delayed and prolonged. What you may think is going to be a short trip, could end up taking most of the day. Be prepared by bringing chargers with you for whatever electronics you have. Not only will they help you save time, but they’re what you need to stay in touch with those you are meeting. If you have a dead battery with no way to charge it, you’ll find yourself needing to ask for some help.

While it may seem stressful, traveling during the Christmas holiday can really be a lot of fun. There’s a certain atmosphere only created by the sound of jingle bells.