by Jessica Smith- Guest Blogger

Planning your honeymoon is exciting. The first time you travel together as Mr. and Mrs., and you would want to take the chance to explore the best of places and experiences together. Starting from narrowing down the destination, you have your entire itinerary to plan. Honeymoon is a romantic tale of how your marriage unravels, and hence choosing a destination that simply oozes romance and drama can be wonderful. And that is why there is no place so perfect for it than Europe. 

So once you figure out if Europe would be your kind of a honeymoon place, then all you have left is to get down to the details. You will have to figure out what you want to do, where you want to go when to visit and of course, how. And there are tons of people, blogs, travel agencies who can help you with all of this. But what will you eat? Travel is all about exploring the beauty and culture of new places. And there is no culture complete without its cuisine. Every country in this continent has something unique and drool-worthy to offer that you should never miss while you are here. So, here are seven foods that must make way into your itinerary while you enjoy your travel here.

7. The Sunday Roast from England

Your trip to England would feel incomplete without having the most satisfying beef roast of all times. “Rosbif” or roasted beef, served with Yorkshire pudding gets prepared simultaneously in the oven. This type of cooking helps use the dripping juices of the meat while roasting and infuse these flavors into the pudding to enhance the taste. The platter comes with roasted potatoes, stuffing, bread and mint sauce along with gravy and vegetables and is quite a filling meal to enjoy on a Sunday.

6. Cheese fondue from Switzerland

Photo by angela pham on Unsplash

When you are in Switzerland, cherish all the cheese you love. Traditional cheese fondue is a mixture of Emmental cheese and Gruyere which holds unique flavors that you have never tasted in your cheese before. The cheese fondues have been a sensation since the 1930s, and the locals here enjoyed the rich flavors of the Gruyere dipping it in bits of bread. This gooey heaven served with a slice of crusty bread like a Weizenbrot is an impeccable cheese experience you must-try here. Wait till you get to the bottom where you find the crispiest and the tastiest bit of your pot. You can enjoy this with a lovely glass of white wine or Zarco tequila.

5. Paella from Spain

While we all have heard praises about the tapas, a very special dish to try when you are in Spain is Paella. Paella is a Valencia original and made from a mixture of rice, vegetables, meat, or seafood, and loads of saffron. Paella, named after the huge pan it generally cooks in, is popular through folktales such as one should always eat it in the open air under the shade of a fig tree. But whether these are true or not,  the dish will surely impress you from its very first bite. Although there is seafood Paella available it is said that the original recipe consists of meat from the farm and woods such as rabbit, snails, chicken, runner beans, artichokes plus butter. The saffron and paprika add the aroma and flavors, making it one delicious meal to enjoy. 

4. Pierogi from Poland

If you are planning to visit Poland, then your trip should start by tasting their famous Pierogies. The native recipes will put any pierogis you have ever tasted to shame with its authentic style and fresh vegetables. These are semi-circular dumplings prepared from noodle dough. The fillings include majorly ground meat (beef in most cases), minced potatoes, fried onions, fresh quark, cheese, fruits, and sauerkraut. If you are lucky, you can experience the annual pierogi festival in Krakow during the summer, where you can devour a few from thousands of these European dumplings.

3. Souvlaki in Greece

Greece is a wonderful place to experience with a unique taste platter. A very common suggestion to try while in Greece is Moussaka. It is a layered dish made with sauteed Aubergine, garlic, onion, potatoes, minced meat, tomato puree, and cheese, along with bechamel sauce. But Souvlakia could be a fresh taste from Europe that you might enjoy here as well. Souvlaki is a dish whose flavors have stood the test of time. The Athenian streets offer the most flavourful Souvlaki, which is pork on a stick served with a side of warm pita and potato. The cooking brings out the intricate flavors of the meat, and you can enjoy this amazing delicacy.

2. Smoked pork and beans from Luxembourg

Locally referred to as Judd Mat Gaardebounen, this famous dish from Luxembourg is a prepared almost everywhere you go. The Michelin star brimming streets of this country offer a top-notch take at this national dish. The texture of the pork and the aroma from the spices and dry wine of the beans blend elegantly to create a wide flavor profile. The platter is generally served with boiled potatoes and is a wholesome meal to enjoy while in Europe.

1. Currywurst from Germany

While the country is prone to confuse you with sausage choices, a must-try version is currywurst. The sausage is available with or without skin and is generally served with curry powder sprinkled on top with a side of ketchup. You can enjoy this delicacy with crinkly fries and cola. This German fast food staple will simply knock you with its subtle flavors.

Each country is famous for its traditional dishes and enjoying it right there will give you a chance at tasting the authentic recipes. So, while you plan your itinerary in Europe, do not forget to research and include the best places to enjoy these amazing foods to have a wholesome experience of what Europe has to offer. A couple who eat together, stay together. So, enjoy the best of European cuisines as a part of your experience.