It is not fair to leave your pet alone at home while you are traveling. Although a stressful experience, with prior planning and research, you can arrange for traveling with a pet and make it hassle-free too. No matter which mode of transportation you choose, the fundamental traveling tips are the same. Check out the seven tips that will make your next trip hassle-free.

7. Talk To Your Vet

Before taking your pet with you for trips, it is a good idea to check with your vet. Especially if you are taking them for an international trip, then it becomes mandatory. Your pet will undergo an overall health checkup. Your vet will give them vaccinations if required and verify for rabies and other shots. You can restock any medicine your pet is taking with a prescription from your vet. And lastly, based on the complete checkup, your vet will issue you a medical certificate to show as proof to the authorities.

6. Microchip your pet


Microchipping your dog is the most efficient way of guarding your dog against getting lost or stolen. It is permanently injected under the skin of your pet. When scanned using a microchip scanner, it detects the unique code and identity. It acts as an identification for your pet. If your pet goes missing, the shelter and doctors can get back to you based on the information from the chip. The chances of finding your pet when it is lost are higher when you get them microchipped. Most people put a collar around their pet’s neck with their name and the owner’s phone number. These collars can break or fade off with time, whereas a microchip is permanent and can never break. It plays an important role when there is a dispute on the ownership of your pet. Just make sure that you get the chip checked by your vet annually.

5. Hydrate and Mealtime

Before starting your trip, it would be a good idea to give less water and food to your pet. It will help in limiting the number of visits to the restroom during travel. Little water at frequent intervals is okay, which will also help in maintaining hydration. Restrict yourself from giving your pet tap water from the places you stop while traveling. Different locations have different tap water qualities that can upset their stomachs. So, take sufficient water that will last for one to two days and then gradually mix both local water and your water to feed them. While giving bottled water, use the same brand water throughout the trip. About the meal, feed your pet a few hours before your time of travel. If your journey starts 4 to 6 hours after a meal, then you can feed your pet. Or you can feed half of the meal before and the other half after the security check-in. Feeding your pet a few hours before the journey would help your pet with digestion and relieve itself. A pet’s food requirement doesn’t finish by feeding it once. Instead, you need to carry many pet food items.

4. Pet Carrier

Pet carriers are small portable cages used to bring your pets. Depending on the pet’s size and type, there are different forms of pet carriers available. Airlines have their specifications and conditions to carry a pet without disturbing other passengers. Usually, they only allow small pet animals in the cabin and big pets in the cargo. You can get your pet carrier customized as per your travel requirement. But don’t forget to talk to the airlines or railways to confirm if they allow your transport.

3. Carry a toy

Carry a toy or blanket that is your pet’s favorite. It will help them be calm and comfortable while traveling. Keep talking to them throughout your journey if they are with you. Listening to familiar voices keeps them happy and less worried.

2. Pet-friendly accommodation

Now that you have decided to travel with your paw buddy, then you must only look for accommodations that are pet friendly. Before making any bookings, check with the hotel to confirm their policies on keeping pets. If you are planning to stay at a friend’s place, then let them know in advance about this situation. If you are planning for camping, then consider a roof top tent. It will be a comfortable spot for you and your pet to sleep.

1. Disciplined Schedule

Following a disciplinary lifestyle while traveling for your pet will help in keeping them healthy. Follow a time table of taking them for a walk, feed them with food, and put them for a nap on time. 



Traveling with your pet is a fun and satisfying activity for both of you. It will strengthen your relationship, and you don’t have to worry about someone taking care of your pet. Since your pet can’t speak for a break in between a long road trip, you must make a stop and take them for a walk and feed them. Exercise is equally important to keep them active. These tips will ensure that you and your paw friend had a pleasant journey. 

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