Europe is well-known for its amazing landscapes and its diversity. You have plenty of countries to choose for your holiday. And each offers a unique experience, immersing you into the local culture. 

If you have chosen Greece, you should know that people love this country. Greece attracts millions of visitors each year, delighting them with beautiful beaches, amazing landscapes, vivid nightlife, traditional food, and ancient sites.

Visiting the historical sites and ancient cathedrals of Greece will bring you closer to the local history and traditions. So, what to visit? Which cathedrals are must-see? What to visit to catch a glimpse of the ancient Greek religious life?

8. The Church of Seven Martyrs


You have probably seen this church in pictures because it is indeed one of the most photographed places on Earth. It is usually depicted in a romantic setting when the sun sets. You can find it on the Sifnos island, in the Kastro village.

The church is on the top of a rocky isle. Being so close to the sea, when the wind blows, the church is hit by the waves. It creates a wild and picturesque scene. Even if the church is closed most of the year, it opens for pilgrims on special religious occasions.

It has white walls and a blue dome, being built after the Cycladic architecture. Some people choose to swim until they reach the little islet, though this is very dangerous because of the wild winds and waves. 

7. The Church of Panagia Megalochari


Megalochari means “with all grace” and it is used to describe the Virgin Mary. The church is the most popular pilgrimage place in Greece because it has an icon with Virgin Mary thought to be holy. The church was built following a dream of a nun from the local monastery.

She said that the Virgin Mary appeared in her dreams and urged her to find her home, showing a specific place. When the nun, who later became a saint, began digging, she found the icon with Virgin Mary praying. 

The church is located on a hill above the capital of Tinos, Chora. “Being considered such a holy place, people usually cover the distance between the port and church by knees. That is why you will see a long red carpet.”, says Michael Jackson, an essay writer at Grabmyessay and

6. The Church of Agios Dionysios


The Church of Agios Dionysios is one of the most famous religious sites in Zakynthos. It is dedicated to Saint Dionysios, who is also the protector of the island. Dionysios had wealthy parents who supported him. After they died, he became a monk, helping people in need.

The legend even says that he helped a murderer to escape, to prevent another crime. Later, that murderer became a monk at the same church.

Dionysios died at the age of 75 and he was buried at the Church of Agios Georgios in Strofades. However, his body was exhumed three years later and moved to the Church of Agios Dionysios, where it is displayed intact. Lots and lots of pilgrims visit it every year.

5. The Church of Holy Cross


The Church of Holy Cross is in Santorini and it is among the largest churches on the island. The church was built between 1835 and 1840. Its reconstruction started in 1956 after the earthquake and it revealed two basilicas on which the church was originally built. Unfortunately, the two basilicas are now ruined.

The Church of Holy Cross is similar in design with The Church of Seven Martyrs. It has a huge bell tower, white walls, and a large blue dome. To avoid crowded periods, you can visit Santorini in late April and early November. The weather is also not as hot as during the summer months. 

4. The Church of Agios Ioannis Kastri



The Cathedral of Agios Ioannis Kastri is in Skopelos. This church offers an amazing view, as it is on top of a rock. In fact, its name could be translated from Greek “Saint John on the Castle”. It might have been used as an observation point in times when pirate attacks were frequent.

You have probably heard about this church. The wedding scenes from Mamma Mia have been filmed in this church. You can reach the church by going on the 110-step path. Not being very crowded, you will find here an oasis of peace and tranquility.

3. Panagia Ekatontapiliani Church


The name Ekatontapiliani means “the church with one hundred doors” and it was built by Saint Constantine, the first who ruled Constantinople. According to history, Saint Helene, mother of Saint Constantine came here to look for the Holy Cross. Due to a wild storm, Saint Helene arrived in Paros and promised to Virgin Mary to build a house of God if she would succeed in her quest.

The cathedral was built by Saint Constantine after the death of his mother. Other emperors modified the cathedral and added other elements, like a dome. It is thus a mix of Byzantine, post-Byzantine and Paleochristian elements. 

The tradition says that the cathedral has a secret door, the one with the number 100. It will open when Hagia Sophia will become Orthodox again. Since 1453, when the Ottoman Empire conquered Constantinople, Hagia Sophia is a mosque

2. Monastery of Agia Triada


The Monastery of Agia Triada is on top of one of the most impressive rocks in Meteora. Nowadays, there is only one monk who is living there. He is guiding the visitors and takes care of the church, a few guesthouses, and a courtyard.

Back in the 13th century, when the Turkish troops invaded Greece, some monks built the Monastery as a refugee. 

To reach the location of the Monastery you have to climb about 140 steep steps. But the view is breathtaking and wonderful. It is surely worth the shot!

1. Conclusion

Greece is an amazing country and has a lot of historical ancient sites to visit. However, it is mostly known for its amazing churches and monasteries. Most of them are built on top of rocks and are offering breathtaking experiences and views. Besides the seven ancient cathedrals presented here, if you have time you can visit also:

Monastery of Agios Nikolaos Anapafsa in Meteora
Monastery of Grand Meteoron
Monastery of Kaisariani

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