Summer 2021 Planning

Summer 2021

As COVID has run amuck for what feels like a lifetime, summer plans have become a big if.

However, if you’re interested in traveling when June arrives it would probably be wiser to begin booking early as reservations are beginning to flood in. Airfare and hotel fees are still low, so it would be more advisable to plan now before things speed up and become congested.

In Texas, reservations for campsites in state parks are going by fast since bookings can be made five months in advance. Sites receiving a large bulk of reservations include Garner, Inks Lake, Pedernales Falls, Guadalupe and South Llano River State Park, while state officials claim that Big Bend Ranch, San Angelo, Choke Canyon, Lake Corpus Christi, Sea Rim and Martin Dies Jr. State Park still have ample time available for booking. Road trips have become more popular with the rise of COVID, and camping also allows for social distancing.

If the trend of COVID cases keeps on descending, Florida and the Gulf Coast look to remain popular vacation destinations. According to travel website, Reunion, North Captiva Island and Lido Key in Florida have all made their top ten most popular summer destinations alongside the Gulf.

So, if you’re making travel plans keep search trends in mind. If you want to be precautious about COVID while still planning a vacation, avoid locations where you can expect large crowds. Keep distancing in mind, and look up COVID policies for hotels and resorts.

If you contract the virus away from home, returning will be all the more difficult, so be careful and be informed.