new years eve
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Mack Staley , Guest Contributor

New Year’s Eve is one of the biggest universal parties. It is a day of celebration and hope as people gather together to usher in a New Year through fireworks, songs, parties, and festivals. 

If you want to celebrate your holiday in a new environment and meet new people, you will want to visit the world’s most memorable New Year’s celebrations. Going to a different place is not only fun but a way to welcome a new year in style. 

Also, remember to take photos to ensure your memories last forever. There are Party photo booth rental places where you can pose for photos all night in a bid to make the party unforgettable. 

Below, we have compiled the top six New Year’s Eve destinations you may wish to visit. These destinations have a reputation, which is well deserved, and are traditionally known for throwing the most fabulous New Year’s Eve parties. 

 Let’s get started.


  • Sydney


Sidney is the first place in the world to experience the New Year. It also hosts a massive New Year’s celebration. Sydney boasts of the largest fireworks display in the world. Typically, the display involves six barges, 30,000 pyrotechnic effects along with a three and a half mile water expanse for a whole 12 minutes. This part attracts a crowd of more than 1 million people during the New Year celebration. Lastly, illuminated boats also feature at the party.


  • London


The center stage in London’s New Year celebration is Thames River. At midnight fireworks are launched from the London eye. Thousands of visitors take a ride on the gigantic London eye Ferris wheels. Many people flock around the west minister, Black friar’s bridges, tower, and London to enjoy the spectacle celebration. If you do not get a space near the water, you can still witness the event in big screens located in parliament squares and Trafalgar. A New Year’s Day parade takes place the following afternoon from west minister to Green Park.


  • Rio Janeiro


New Year’s Eve party in Rio’s is hosted at Copacabana Beach. More than 2 million natives congregate at the beachside covering more than 2 miles stretch. It is perhaps the wildest and largest New Year’s celebration. The crowd donning in white attires comingle to local culture, and African rituals respect Lemanja, the goddess of the sea. Gold, red, green accessories also characterize the party. Here is an important point, do not wear black attire for this party; it is considered bad omen.


  • New York


Time’s Square New Year party started in 1904. The celebration coincided with the opening of the New York Times headquarters. Each year, thousands of people hold a party like no other in the city. Unfortunately, drinks and food vendors are prohibited. Ensure you pack enough food and drinks to last you through the celebration. However, area restaurants open later on. The New Year Eves ball is hoisted to the top of the 77-foot flag pole before the famed ball drop.


  • Hong Kong


Hong Kong’s dramatic skyline on New Year’s Eve is one sight you can never forget. Firework illuminates the beautiful victoria park. Most hotels in Hong Kong provide a nice view of the dazzling display. There are also dances, theatre, and circus performances to enjoy.


  • Paris 


If you want a romantic experience on the eve of the New Year, you will want to travel to Paris. The champs Elyse is the epicenter the New Year’s Eve in Paris.  At midnight you can enjoy the light show of Eifel Tower. If you want to enjoy a spectacular view of the Paris skyline, Montmartre provides the best location. One unique experience in Paris is that people exchange small platonic kisses or bises for a whole month. Sounds interesting, right?


Most major cities in the world host big New Year’s Eve parties that all worth your time. The experience is one of a lifetime. Bangkok Dubai, Moscow, Cape Town, Tokyo, Las Vegas, and Edinburg are also worth considering. The bottom line is this holiday is about celebrating no matter where you are in the world.

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