With the new year, many of us think about changing our look, especially changing our hairstyle. While several hair trends, like silver hair and smokey pastels, are predicted to remain popular in 2019; there’s also some new trends on the horizon. Here’s 5 trending hairstyles to ring in the new year.


womens-hairstyles-2019From choppy crops to traditional bobs and lobs to sassy waves with fringe bangs, these short styles haircuts are particularly popular right now. Jenna Dewan in recent months has displayed the full range starting with her short wavy bob she wore while filming her role in The Resident to her more recently grown out lob with fringe bangs.

Stylist suggest for those wanting a bob that the cut should fall somewhere between your ears and chin beginning with a straight bob in line with the jaw. It should be shorter in the back and longer in front.


Retro styles are back! From long 60s inspired fringes to the 70s shag and the 90s bob, these feminine classics are back, including curtained bangs and brushed out curls.

The 60s fringe paired with long layers and the bulky bangs have been slowly creeping back in style for a little while, but the long flattering lengths are finally coming back in full force.




Wearing your hair naturally, including wild curls, are big for this coming year. Whether you have tight ringlets or loose waves, they both have their place in trendy hairstyles for 2019.





Like the 60s inspired length, in general long layered hairstyles are trending. The key here is to have airy, light layers. While everyone still likes waves, those of us with the ultra straight lengths aren’t left out. The simple, straight layers is perfectly fine too.




Whether you want shorter close cuts or a little more length to play with, pixie cuts are in. Most recently these layered pixie cuts have made their way in. Many salons are calling them the grown out pixie or shaggy pixie. They have volume and length while still being short and easy to care for.