Photo by Thom Holmes on Unsplash

by Guest Writer, Paul Merashi

Hair adds a lot to your look and that is why you guys need to follow some tips if you have thin and weak hair. There are different types of hair loss and you should keep an eye on the symptoms of hair loss to cure them on time. Regular styling can add dead skin cells, debris, and oil to your scalp. When you observe these symptoms you should opt for a hair kit that is subtle to your hair and use hair products that can clarify the suit causing those symptoms. A restrictive diet, stress, anemia can be a reason behind your hair loss.   

You must be combing your hair for procuring their texture. Although you need to stop over-combing your hair and use your fingers instead. You should use hair thickening products that can help in making your hair thick up to 20%. All the handsome guys who are in the below 30 age group can find these tips helpful because they face this problem often.

  1. Do not be harsh

Your hair is weaker when they are wet and you should not treat them with the wrong towel or over-comb them. Your hair is likely to get damaged or snapped. You should allow your hair to get dried naturally. You can gently pat them if you want. Do not worry about the texture because you may give your hair a texture using your fingers. Simply do not be rough to your hair if you already have lost a lot of them. There are still chances that you Coiffure them as you like.

  1. Soya can Help

The hormones that are responsible for hair loss are triggered when you intake soya products. When you feed on soya there is a molecule production that halts balding. If you are not allergic to soya then you can feed on it in various forms and soya is really healthy for your overall body. Thus you can give a chance to this natural product and save your hair from thinning. 

  1. Short Hair can be Flattering

Short hair if well trimmed can give you a way better look. Many of you carry a perception that short hair makes your baldness even worse. But you can try and make some style changes if you have that much hair on your scalp. This way you can turn the attention of people to your face rather than your baldness. You can choose a classy, unstructured look for your thin hair to make them look dense.

  1. Protect your bonce

Exposing your thin hair to scorching heat is a direct way to provide harm to your already sensitive hair. You should thus prevent your hair from sunburn. During sunburn, your scalp starts producing superoxide and that compound leads to a shedding phase. This switch from the growth phase occurs in your hair follicles. Your hair turns fragile.

  1. Over-blowing is bad

Your hair needs texture and that is why you blow-dry them to lend them a flattering look. But flame grilling your thin hair can be really harmful and act as a hindrance to their growth. Your hair turns brittle when exposed to a lot of heat. Use the best quality blow dryers every time you dry your hair before going outside. 

  1. Proper Styling Products

Stop using gels and waxes on your hair because they do add any hair nutrients that are helpful in growth. They instead curb your hair quality and make then thin and flat. So next time if you are searching for any hair gels that can make your hair thick, choose a hair mousse as an alternative. To lift your hair you should opt for more natural products. 

  1. Wash your hair regularly

It is important to wash your hair and if you carry a perception that keeping your hair from washing can help in hair growth is completely wrong. Your hair needs cleaning on a regular basis. Your hair becomes flat, greasy and dirty when you do not wash them for a few days. This leads to the creation of this misconception that you should not wash your thin hair often. However, we suggest you understand the facts and keep your sensitive hair fresh and clean by washing them with warm water. 


You can follow the tips mentioned above in order to get thick hair. Do not take much stress because there are plenty of solutions. You can check out the Wahl elite pro grooming kit which is a package of all the desired tools that you need to add in your hair thickening practice. It contains high-end steel combs, clipper guards with storage bags, a haircut kit with separate storage bags and there is a lot more. You would fell in love with the solid and stylish components of the Wahl elite pro haircut kit.