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Grackle Publishing is pleased to announce the release of its latest book by author Maureen Ann ClarkeThe Anti-Cooking Bible: 50 Ways To Get Out Of Cooking.

“We spend too much of our lives trying to decide what we will have for dinner,” explains Clarke. “It’s especially frustrating for those of us who hate to cook.”

“After wriggling my way out of cooking for years, it was time to share my ideas,” Clarke continues. “We all know someone who would rather laugh than cook.”

Author and illustrator Maureen Ann Clarke lives in the Philadelphia suburbs. Her most notable cooking failures served up a spoiled birthday cake, grenade eggs with fire, and a poisonous lasagna. Her artwork can be explored at

The Anti-Cooking Bible: 50 Ways To Get Out Of Cooking shares a creative menu of appetizers, house specials, and a la carte items sure to entice those who strive to avoid cooking at all costs. With entrees like The Caveman, Meat Aisle Mystery, The Obituary, Champion Cruiser, and Do Not Resuscitate, Maureen Ann Clarke helps us navigate one of life’s most frustrating questions: “What’s for dinner?”

Ready to learn how to not cook?

Paperback, $11.95. ISBN: 978-0-9982069-9-8

For more information, visit Grackle Publishing at

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