Everyday Style Ideas To Have On Your Radar In 2024


Everything you see on a runway isn’t necessarily supposed to be worn in that form. But what walks down the runway finds its way to you as scaled-down versions of fantastical creations and inspiration that propel you into a personal interpretation of the latest trends.

The trends coming from the Spring 2024 shows this fall are exceptionally translatable as everyday style ideas. Here’s what you should have on your radar as 2023 winds down.

Molten Metallics

Metallics hit big in 2023 and they’re back next year, subtly transformed. In fact, you’ll even be wearing them on your eyes and lips. Metallics for 2024 are gold, silver, and bronze, with gold taking the lead. 2024’s next-generation metallic fabrics are molten, draped, and subtle.

Beyonce’s Renaissance tour provided a fashion touchstone, with the diva rolling out metallics in catsuits and athleisure-look bodysuits that shimmered under the lights. But it was her silver, heavily fringed bodysuit and matching, thigh-high boots by Agent Provocateur that set the sparkling tone. All out shimmer and glitz that glamorizes the mundane is for day or night in 2024. It’s disco o’clock somewhere!

And men get a piece of the shine too, with next year’s menswear getting the Oscar statue touch. Taking on daringly sinuous new shapes, bold, fashionable men will be shining brightly in 2024.

Dressing Your Inner Child

2024 is the year to let your inner child out to wreak havoc on your adult world. Choose crayola box colors that clash, chunky sweaters featuring cartoon characters and animals, and “Mom made me these” crochet pieces in wild colors.

Following on from the dopamine dressing trend, the inner child look is an appeal to a lighter touch that playfully interprets fashion as fun and frolic. It’s all about play! Grab your plastic pail and shovel and wear what makes your cheeky inner kid happy.

Your tickle trunk next year should feature at least one “pretty princess” dress with puff sleeves and a small floral print, a la Laura Ashley. Chunky, squared-off sweaters in bright colors and sneakers with everything look great with a Teenage Ninja Turtles t-shirt worn underneath. Taking yourself a little less seriously is on the table, so embrace that inner child with some new fashion finds and get silly.

Up Goes the Hemline

As fashion trends go, the length of women’s hemlines on skirts and dresses is a good barometer of how fashion is “feeling” – longer during difficult times and shorter during optimistic times. While the world outlook may be a bit shaky at the moment, the hemlines for 2024 tell a different story as the mini makes a thunderous comeback.

Michael Kors interpreted the 2024  mini in lace, with an empire waistline and a sky-high hem that lets your legs do the talking, while Missoni adds long sleeves and a boxy silhouette. In fact, that silhouette is dominant in the mini trend, taking fashion full circle to the heady days of swinging 60s London and Twiggy.

Wear minis day or night with tights and boots in fall and winter and kicks for spring and summer. The message is freedom and fancy. Or wear the coming season’s microscopic booty shorts, if you dare.

Putting Your Best Foot Forward

Metallics aren’t just for clothes. You’ll be wearing them on your feet too, even if you’re wearing sneakers. Silver, especially, is a leading fashion color for athletic shoes in 2024.

But the big breakout trend in footwear is the 3D flower on heels, flats, and boots. Gloriously blooming, flowers (especially roses) will be everywhere in 2024, asserting their botanical power on clothes in prints so glorious you can almost smell them.

Also trending in footwear is PVC, adding transparency that calls for a standing appointment with your mani-pedi professional. But we’ll be seeing see-through looks in purses and jewelry too. There is nothing hidden that will not be revealed with this trend! Keep your toenails painted, your heels buffed, and your purse’s contents tidy. Prepare to add some exciting new looks to your shoe arsenal.

From Street Looks to Classic Pearls

Chunky chains aren’t going anywhere next year. In fact, they’re bolder and chunkier than ever, dominating international runways. Earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and body jewelry (also sticking around for a prolonged curtain call) are heavy and important, yet endlessly elegant. Elegance is a watchword for 2024 jewelry, especially when it comes to demure pearls.

The more classic the look of the pearls you choose to wear, the closer to fashion nirvana you’ll be. Simple stud earrings and classic pearl necklaces of one or several strands are favored. Think “grandma’s special occasion jewelry.”

Gold or gold tone jewelry is the fashionista’s choice next year, with gold jewelry dominating fashion weeks. From huge, heavy bangles to freeform single earrings mimicking molten lava, this is the metal of choice going into 2024.

Get ready for a year of style you make your own next year, as fashion embraces a wearable impulse that speaks more eloquently to the average consumer. Tweak it, personalize it, and own it. These everyday style ideas are yours to play with.


Marshall Bone is a writer, copy strategist and all-around stylish guy who has been following trends in GQ for more than two decades. Voted best-dressed both his junior and senior year, Bone has continued this legacy and can be found covering various topics from men’s fashion to self care and grooming. He enjoys reading and is based in the greater Los Angeles area.