Your clothes do not define who you are, what you want, or what you are capable of; what they can do in influence how you feel. The right outfit, like a suit of armor, makes you feel confident and beautiful. On the contrary, the wrong outfit can kill your whole vibe. Your clothes can help you look and feel your best. 

Yves Saint Laurent aptly quoted, “Fashion fades, style is eternal.” Cultivating your personal style takes time and a little bit of experimentation. We all have a different style of preference that reflects our personality. We all have our favorites. Some like to keep in minimal and subdued, whereas others like to go bold or go home.

Regardless of how skilled you may be in the art of styling, there are days when we all just look in the mirror and think, meh. Boring outfits are forgettable. Life is too short to be boring. Here are six styling hacks that can spice up any outfit. Let us get started.


  • Keep it simple but the statement


Basic outfits get much unnecessary hate for being too plain. In reality, the fundamental outfits are the most reliable ones. Their simplicity exudes elegance and sophistication. These everyday staples set the groundwork on which you can build any ensemble. Trends change, but the classics stick around. Therefore, it is critical to invest in good quality staples. 

So if you are under the misconception that simple outfits are boring, scratch that image because you can spice up a simple outfit into a head-turner with a few nips and tucks.

To give your “plain” outfits a sharper and bolder look. You can introduce accents to spice things up. For instance, add a pop of color to a monochrome outfit with the help of maybe a colorful belt, shoes, or jewelry. Similarly, you can introduce different textures to your ensemble with a scarf or perhaps a jacket. 

When shopping for basics, be sure to pick up the right fit. There is nothing quite as off-putting as a poorly fitted outfit. Your fit can make or break your look. 


  • A kiss of red fixes everything


Red is a color that radiates power. Warm, fiery, and fabulous, even the haters cannot deny the beauty and glamor of this regal color.

If you want to take your overall look from zero to a hundred in a heartbeat, we suggest throwing on a power lip to shun the haters away. Put on some red lipstick and watch your mood elevate instantly. A timeless classic, there is nothing quite comparable to a bold red lip. 

Find the perfect shade of red that complements your skin tone. Red can be a tricky color to nail because if you pick out the wrong shade for your skin tone, things can go south really fast. A universally flattering tone of red is one with a blue undertone because it makes your teeth look whiter. 

Red is the perfect color to spice up your outfit as well. Incorporate a red element in your outfit on days when you just want to look and feel like a boss babe. 

Whether it is a red belt from ZARA, a red leather jacket from Skin Outfits, a red tote from Tory Burch, or red pumps from Michael Kors, this unapologetically bold color attracts all eyes in the room. 


  • Find the right shoes


Your shoes are the final adjunct piece that completes a fully functional outfit. They play an integral role in determining your overall look. After all, good shoes take you to the right places. 

An excellent way to breathe life into an otherwise forgettable ensemble is to pair it with a pair of beautiful shoes. Colorful shoes are the best way to look sharp and bold without going too overboard. 

Whether you opt for a pair of stunning deep green pump heels, a sparkling gold set of stilettos, or a neon orange sandal, colors are always a great idea. However, be sure not to mix up many colors all at once. If you are wearing colorful shoes, pair them with a complementing outfit that is not too outgoing. Let your shoes do the talking for you.


  • When in doubt, overdress


Dressing up can be tricky sometimes. The dress code dilemma is real — on some occasions, you do not know how to dress for. There are casual events, formal settings, and some that fall somewhere in the middle – the complicated ones. Well, when in doubt, overdress.

Overdressing is always better than being underdressing. Being a little extra never hurt anybody, right? If you wish to be the belle of the ball, make it a point to dress to impress. Not only will you feel confident, but you will also feel great because you will probably be bagging many compliments. 


  • Invest in statement pieces


Statement pieces are the treasured favorites in your arsenal that you save for big days. When you go in battle, you are required to bring out the big guns. Well, think of the statement pieces as the ultimate weapon that you have been waiting to use at the last minute to destroy the enemy. Use your secret statement weapon to impress everyone. 

The whole concept of a statement piece is to grab the viewer’s attention. A sparkly cropped sequined jacket, a striking neon green blouse, a stunning bedazzled slip dress, a pair of knee-high boots, or a colorful embroidered denim jacket; a statement piece is anything that attracts all eyes. 

We all have a different interpretation of what qualifies as a statement piece. For some, it may be a luxury piece straight off the racks from a high-end label store. For others, it may be a timeless vintage find at a local thrift shop. Regardless of what you consider to be a statement piece, make sure to use it to your advantage on special events to look and feel like a model who just walked off the runway.


  • Accessories are your saviors


No outfit is complete without accessories. Accessories are the essential elements that can elevate your outfit from basic to banger. They tie the whole look together and can be used to dress up or dress down an outfit. For this reason, you must always invest in accessories. 

We recommend selecting a mix of both minimal and bold pieces so you have a collection that caters to all sorts of occasions. For instance, a dainty layered chain necklace is perfect for everyday wear. In contrast, a pair of chunky emerald earrings is just what you need for a special night out. Similarly, you can use scarves, bags, and belts to add a little something extra to your everyday outfits. 


  • Conclusion


Make your outfit a conversation starter. Dressing sharp is all about looking and feeling your best. Your goal should be to feel confident in your attire. There is nothing more attractive, bold, or sharp as a confident woman. Use our styling hacks to up your everyday fashion game. It is about time you look and feel like the diva that you were born to be.