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Y’all-TV: Cataract and Coronavirus Conversation

The Toccopola Storyteller is back in the picture, a more clearer picture, thanks to recent cataract surgery. Jerry Short lets us know how the...
Robert Spencervideo

Y’all-TV: Robert Spencer Authors ‘Rating America’s Presidents’

From George Washington to Donald Trump, author Robert Spencer's twentieth book evaluates the 45 American chief executives in terms of their prioritization of putting...

Y’all-TV: Julio Rivera, ReactionaryTimes.com Editorial Director

ReactionaryTimes.com editorial director Julio Rivera, aka the #Conservarican, weighs in on coronavirus, Republican politics, and a possible Democratic #GampyGappy ticket. The Washington Times featured...

Y’all-TV: Lee Greenwood

Country music icon Lee Greenwood visits with "Y'all Show" host Jon Rawl. The singer of seven No. 1 hits and twenty Top 10 hits...

Y’all-TV: If Democratic Candidates Were Barbecue

Matt Heermans, the "Barrister of Bodacious Barbecue," has fun mixing barbecue talk with the 2020 political circus hitting most of the South this week.

Y’all-TV: Presidents’ Day 2020; Running With Jerry Short

George Washington doesn’t get his own holiday these days. “Toccopola Storyteller” Jerry Short discusses the holiday. Plus, Short and Jon Rawl go over the...

Y’all-TV: GOP Insider Curtis Ellis Talks 2020 Presidential Race

America First Policies policy director Curtis Ellis, a former Trump administration official, discusses the big night Bernie Sanders, Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar had...

Donald Trump’s Hair; Foxworthy Fun; NCAA Basketball

Friday – January 24, 2020 Jeff Foxworthy asks his Facebook followers a dang good question: "Give me your best line for good old Granpappy!  'I...

Michael Busler On Trump Economy; #CLEMvsLSU

Monday – January 13, 2020 Michael Busler, Ph.D., a public policy analyst and economics expert, shares his thoughts on the Wall Street and employment success...

Tommy Tuberville; Big 12 Championship; Leftovers

Tuesday – December 3, 2019 Baylor and Oklahoma meet again – this time for the Big 12 Championship.  Matt Heermans gets you ready for the...