Everyone loves visiting The Sunshine State. Apparently some like staying long after the sun goes down. These are our picks for the 8 Most Haunted Places in Florida.

  1. The Cuban Club – Ybor City- This is considered by many experts one of the most haunted places in the world. The 1900’s club is said to have had an actor commit suicide on stage, and a board member found murdered in the board room.
  2. St. Augustine Lighthouse – Considered one of the more haunted lighthouses in the world. According to many, lighthouse keepers don’t leave their posts….ever.
  3. Apollo 1 Launch Complex – Cape Canaveral- In 1967 three astronauts died in a cabin fire and the launch pad was closed down permanently. What remains stands as a memorial to those fallen souls. Many have a feeling of dread when visiting.
  4. The Biltmore – Coral Gables- Home to many a spirit including the mobster Fatty Walsh who was murdered there.
  5. The Riddle House – West Palm Beach – Former City mortuary built in 1905, housed cemetery workers. Later one such couldn’t face his financial hardships and hung himself in the basement. Considered one of Florida’s most haunted houses.
  6. The Old Jail – St. Augustine – In 1891, Henry Flagler contracted the company that would eventually build Alcatraz to construct a jail just north of downtown on San Marco Ave. So as not to create an eyesore that would strike fear in the hearts of the general public and to avoid discouraging his fat cat friends from investing in the city, he decided to disguise it.
  7. East Martello Fort– Key West – Home of the creepily possessed Robert the Doll.
  8. Gilbert’s Bar House of Refuge – Stuart – Once a haven for shipwrecked sailors in the late 1800s.