1. Old Candler Hospital – Savannah – Oldest hospital in Georgia. Home of the 300-year-old Candler Oak , better known as “The Hanging Tree” . The Morgue Tunnel housed bodies during many Yellow Fever outbreaks, so as not to disturb the good folks of Savannah. It was also used as a Psychiatric ward with questionable experimental practices.
  2. Oakland Cemetery – Atlanta – Oldest and largest cemetery in Atlanta. Many who died in the Civil War were buried there. Some hung then buried. Check out the 6 Feet Under Pub and Fish House across the street. Heard it’s scary good.
  3. Central State Hospital – Milledge – Said to be over 25,000 former patients buried on the 2,0000 acre site. Once the world’s largest mental institution. However, there were no actual psychiatrists working there for many years according to documents.
  4. St. Simon’s Lighthouse – Seems there was a murder. And an acquittal. Leaving behind an unhappy victim.
  5. Jeckyll Island Club – Once membership included some of the richest people in the world including the Vanderbilts and Pulitzers. Now some of them hang around for their own amusement and to give advice from time to time.
  6. Sorrel-Weed House – Savannah – Home to one of the bloodiest hours in the Revolutionary War.
  7. Marshall House Hotel – Savannah – Served as both a boarding house and hospital during the Civil War.
  8. Hay House – Macon – Considered one of the Most Beautiful Haunted Houses in the World.