Earlier this week we discussed plants to get rid of pests. Today, we want to attract our friends, the pollinators: bees and butterflies.

According to the NRDC, there are some simple steps to attract these friends of the environment:

  • Bees need clover- maybe instead of the “perfect lawn” if you have some clover patches, don’t mow it, leave it alone.
  • Know which plants will work best in your climate- This can be done with some research, or visit a trusted local nursery, instead of a box store. Someone who knows the area and what will work best to attract.
  • Planting clumps, rather than individual flowers or plants, will also make it easier for pollinators to find you.
  • Mix it up- Different shapes, colors and heights of your flowers.
  • This seems like common sense…stop using pesticides
  •  If a plant is marked “protected,” that may mean it’s chemically treated. Read the fine print on the tag. Usually, your local nursery won’t stock such plants.
  • Milkweed: This will attract Monarchs
  • A small dish or borl with some rocks in the bottom and some water make for good watering holes for small bees