Spring has arrived, and it’s time to get that garden planned, landscaping done, and your yard in shape. These helpful tips will help get your yard to 5-star level:

  • Know what kind of grass you have: If your grass is of the cool-season variety like bluegrass or ryegrass, Spring is a time to strengthen your yard. If your grass is of the warm-season variety , like bermudagrass or carpetgrass, don’t worry about mowing before that last Spring frost
  • Wait to fertilize your lawn until it starts to show signs of life — such as new growth and turning green — so you avoid feeding seeds of weeds that will compete for space in your soil.
  • Get rid of yard debris- dead limbs, leaves, etc.
  • Tune your mower
  • Remove thatch-  thatch is that dead grass that has accumulated throughout the winter. Grab a wire or bamboo rake and rake your yard. This will also help aerate the soil.
  • Prune plants and yard trees
  • Know when to mow- A good rule of thumb is to wait until it’s at least 40°F and your grass has grown 2–3 inches tall before you mow for the first time.