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What To Plant Together In Your Garden

by JULIA OLIVAS Having a diverse mix of plants can help make your garden healthier. Meanwhile, the wrong combination of plants can make your garden...
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How to Plant A Fall Garden

Ok y'all, if you are thinking of growing a Fall garden in the South, you should start planning now. In some cases depending on...

10 Tips For Keeping Produce Fresh

Ahhh, summertime! Warm weather and fresh produce from the garden. However, they don't exactly play well together. So, how do you keep from throwing...

12 Eco Friendly Landscape Tips

While being focused on creating an eco-friendly indoor space, sometimes, we forget to create an equally eco-friendly outdoor space. Luckily, the summer is the...

How To Attract Bees and Butterflies

Earlier this week we discussed plants to get rid of pests. Today, we want to attract our friends, the pollinators: bees and butterflies. According to...

What To Plant In March and April

Now that you have planned your garden it's knowing what to plant and when. Here are some helpful ideas for March: (Mid to Late March....

Spring Planting Planning

Herbs, veggies, flowers, fruits ( for those that don't know what a 'mater is) are all so much better if you grow them yourself. Now,...

Landscaping Tip: How To Trim A Yard Tree

Landscaping Tips: How do you trim a yard tree? The question seems simple enough to answer, but when it comes to something as crucial...

How To Make Gardening Easier

by Wendy Dessler, Guest Contributor Dealing with stress is something most adults are used to. In fact, a recent survey found that over 83 percent...

What To Plant In March and April

Recently we published an article on how to plan your garden and what you should be doing now to get it ready for spring...