There is more to living than just existing. Instead, one must always strive to excel in all fields of their lives. This also includes ensuring that your home is comfortable, homely, and beautiful. After all, every day, you come back to it. Hence, your abode is an essential part of your lifestyle.

When people think of decorating their house and making it aesthetically pleasing, one of the first rooms that they think of is their living room. Why? This is because usually, this is the first room you see when you enter a house.

Decorating a living room isn’t hard if you approach the task with a clear mind and objective. Here are some tips that can help you.

  1.     Choose the right wall color

The first thing you need to decide when decorating your living room is what color you want the walls to be of. Usually, people opt for brown walls. But, does this mean that you should too?

Not really.

Instead, to decorate your living room in the best way possible, the first interior design tip to remember is that you must let your choices channel through. Remember, your house should be an extension of your personality. Only then can you truly feel at home?

Decide what mood you wish to set when people enter the living room. Do you want it to look more spacious than it is? If so, white and beige are the right colors for you.

Do you want it to look regal and sophisticated? Then, dark colors like gray and black will look ideal. Just remember that there is no one perfect color for living rooms. You must choose it according to the theme you have in mind and as per your taste.

  1.     Have interesting furniture

Make your living room stand out and be different from those of all others by placing unique furniture in it. Unique doesn’t necessarily translate to odd. Instead, it just means playing around with the notion of conventional furniture and coming up with new ideas.

For example, there are different types of sofas available in the market. You don’t necessarily have to go with plain-old eight seaters. You can mix things up by placing an armchair in your living room.

Similarly, opt for creative yet visually appealing shelves and racks rather than simple ones. Just make sure that each piece of furniture resonates with one another. The key is to make it all seem seamless, unique, and beautiful.

  1.     But, keep it simple

Just because you should opt for individual pieces of furniture in your living room doesn’t mean we are advocating for overly cluttered and over-accessorized spaces. The idea is to pick a unique yet limited quantity of furniture for your living room.

This is because any space which is over cluttered with furniture and accessories tends to look very messy, claustrophobic, and disorganized. And this is the opposite of the effect you would want to create.

Be very thoughtful about how many pieces you want in your living room. The more minimalistic and straightforward space is, the better it will look.

  1.     Don’t let your Television be the center of attention

A lot of people make the mistake of decorating their living room around their TV. Sadly, your TV doesn’t add anything to the visual appeal of the room. On the contrary, having a huge black screen in the center of the room reduces the beauty points of the space!

So, what should you do?

Simple! The answer is to camouflage your TV rather than trying to glorify its presence. If budget is not a constraint for you, hiding your TV will be very easy. All that you will have to do is attach your TV in the wall and have a fancy mirror on top of it when it is not being used.

Even if your budget limits you, you can minimize the presence of your TV by making it one of the many screens on your wall. Place different paintings around it so that it looks like a gallery wall.

All in all, whatever you do, don’t leave a wall reserved just for your TV.

  1.     Appreciate art

If you don’t make your TV the focal point of your living room, the question arises- what instead should be the center of attention?

As mentioned above, channelizing the inner art enthusiast in you at such times can come in handy. It is quite a trend these days to hang oversize paintings on any one of the four walls of a room. Search the market to find a piece of art that you think best suits your house.

This doesn’t mean you have to spend a considerable sum of amount on attaining the most famous and prized piece of art. Sometimes the best paintings are available in thrift stores and flea markets for very affordable prices. Keep your eyes peeled!

  1.     Mix it up

When it comes to accessories, a lot of people think that it is imperative to decide a theme of texture and material and stick by it. For instance, if you opt for having metal showpieces, everything must be metal.

Well, this is the biggest misconception of interior designing! There is no such rule. Mixing things up as far as material and texture are concerned. Opt for wood, glass, leather, and metal items. Keep your budget into account when you are choosing each item.

Unleash the designer within you!

Only you can decide what looks best to you. It is your home and hence it should be your choice. Don’t let trends conform to you. Decorate your living space as you please. Let it be a reflection of your personality. That is all that matters.

Do you think there are many other ways one can decorate their living room? Let us know

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