Back In my younger days, I spent time working in some great kitchens for a living. One of those was a place called Dumplins in Downtown Franklin, Tn. Down in the basement there was an older woman, who cackled all mornin’ from the crack of dawn when we arrived until she left around 2 in the afternoon. Miss Chrissie didn’t do weekends. But, 5 days a week she made the best loaves of bread, yeast rolls that would make you slap your brother, desserts so delectable they were considered a sin.

She gave me the recipe for the most delicious dang mashed potatoes , and I still use it to this day. Now the secret is 3 things: DO NOT peel them…buttermilk works best…don’t skimp on the butter. She used to say “You can have ’em good, or you can have’em healthy, but you can’t have’em both”.

Now the following will make you about 8 servings of mashed potatoes. If you need more, do the math. I sucked at math, do your own.


4 large , washed , UNPEELED, potatoes (click here for a simple way to wash potatoes)

1 cup buttermilk

1 stick butter

1 tsp garlic powder

1 tsp salt

1 tsp pepper

After you have washed potatoes , cut into chunks. They don’t have to be pretty or cubed, actually medium size chunks work best.

Boil 20-25 minutes or until soft


Put back on the heat for another minute to cook off excess water

Add all ingredients and with a mixer or a masher get to work until you have nice,creamy, delicious mashed potatoes.

( add small bits of buttermilk at a time …carefully.. if not creamy enough.)