Recently, we talked strawberries and blueberries, and this week we are gonna talk Georgia Peaches y’all.

So here are things you may not know about these Southern delights:

  • During the early part of the Georgia peach season, from May 15th to June 1st, Clingstone peaches are harvested. From June 1st to June 20th, semi-freestones are taken from the peach trees,. Finally, Freestone varieties are picked from June 19th up until August 10th
  • The U.S. Department of Agriculture ranks Georgia as one of the top four peach-producing states along with California, South Carolina and New Jersey.
  • The peach is a member of the rose family.
  • Peaches originally came from China. They were traded along the Silk Road and made their way to Europe before eventually gracing American groves. Georgia peaches are said to have been introduced Franciscan monks in the 150ss.
  • During Reconstruction, Georgia farmers were forced to diversify their crops. As the boll weevil moved in and destroyed many cotton crops, farmers added pecans, onions, apples and peaches.
  • Georgia’s peaches mainly grow in Crawford, Taylor, Macon and Peach counties.
  • Most of the peaches sold in Georgia are sold fresh. Despite the large number of bushels picked each year, there are no major processing operations in the state.
  • The World’s Largest Peach Cobbler is made each year at the Georgia Peach Festivalin Fort Valley. The enormously tasty creation is 11 by 5 feet and about eight inches deep. Tasting the cobbler is free.
  • In China the peach is a symbol of longevity and good luck. 1565 is the starting date of the first peach orchard in Florida.
  • “Free Stone” peach just refers to how the flesh of the peach separates from the pit.
  • Peaches are a good source of Vitamins A, B and C. A medium peach contains only 37 calories.
  • Clingstone peaches tend to be sweeter than freestone.

Recipe- Cucumber Peach Salsa