by Kevin Gardner, Guest Contributor

When you want to plan parties in the warm weather, you may have issues with inclement weather that passes through the area. There are five tips below that will help you plan for rain. You can build your party around these tips, and you will never need to worry about getting rained out. Plus, you can keep everyone comfortable, let them watch the rain, and have a good time.

  1. Keep The Air Flowing

You need to bring along fans or some sort of air conditioner that will keep cool air flowing during the party. When you want to entertain outside, you may forget that the rain does not automatically cool everyone down. You must have fans blowing that will keep air circulating. You will prevent your guests from feeling muggy or gross. Plus, you can turn off the air if it gets too cold.

  1. Get A Tent

You need a tent if you plan to have an outdoor party. The tent could be the centerpiece of your party. If it does not rain, you can sit under the tent to get out of the sun. People can walk around as much as they like, and they can get under the tent for some shade.

Put all your food and electronics under the tent. When it starts to rain, you can invite everyone to sit under the tent. Your party is not ruined, and you can wait for those quick summer showers to stop. When people do not have anywhere to go, they go home. Plus, you need a tent that you can sink into the ground. You can use stakes that stick into the ground, and you can bolt the tent to those stakes. If you do not use a tent support system, the wind will blow away your tent.

  1. Bring Chairs And Tables

You should have tables and chairs set up for your party. It might sound romantic to sit under the trees with a paper plate and plastic cup. However, your guests need a place to sit if it rains. Plus, a lot of your guests will want to sit down if it gets too hot. You are keeping everyone comfortable, and you are prepared for any bad weather that occurs.

You can rent tables and chairs for a massive party, or you could move your personal tables and chairs under the tent. You need to bring a few extra chairs because your guests will bring more people than you thought. Some people might drop by during the party, and you never want to run out of chairs.

  1. Make Sure You Have A Power Supply

You should have a generator or other power supply ready for your party. You can plug into the outlets around the edge of your home, or you might plug into outlets in the park where your party happens. If you are not near a power supply, you need a generator that will keep your air conditioner running. If you want to go green, you can use solar power to manage your party. Plus, you can charge a solar battery using solar panels. When it starts to rain, you can plug everything into your solar battery.

  1. Stay Away From Trees When Possible

You should try to stay away from trees whenever possible. Your guests will sit under a tent that was designed to keep them out of the rain. However, a tent you bought for an outdoor party cannot withstand the weight of a branch or tree that has fallen on your tent. You should move away from trees as much as you can. Also, you should be aware of any debris that is falling in the area. You can pull debris off the roof of your tent, and you will avoid any snags or tears in the tent.


Your parties will be much more fun for you and your guests if you have planned ahead of time. You can bring a power source, an air conditioner, and a tent. You should rent tables and chairs if you need to, and you must find a power source. Your careful preparation will create the perfect party even if it rains all afternoon.

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