How To Get A Variety of Birds At Your Bird Feeder

Bird Feeder

If you want to feed the birds in your yard this winter it may not be easy attracting different types of birds to your bird feeder.

Shirley Ritsema, a former employee of the St. Louis World Bird Sanctuary, recommends putting shelled sunflower seeds in your feeder. Birds that are usually bug eaters can subsist on these seeds as they are rich in protein.

Shelled peanuts, or peanut pickups, also make a good snack for your feeders. Peanuts are universally loved by both bug and seedeaters and they can even feed on the remnants that fall to the ground. Woodpeckers especially love peanuts.

Suet cakes attract a lot of birds and are good resources of fat for our avian friends. Mixing them up with the peanuts means they will have a wellspring of good protein and fat.

More expensive seeds attract prettier birds, which can be obtained at high end feed stores.


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