Life is busy, and going from 9 AM to 5 PM is as fast as if you blinked once. In this hustle and bustle of life, most of us do not have time to spend on tasks that require a lot of attention. Cleaning the house is one essential task that bring you immense joy, but only if you find the time. Be it a stay-at-home mum or an office-goer with little free time, cleaning services can make your life easy. 

If you are new to the prospect of getting your house cleaned by a stranger, do not fret. This is a normal mode of operation for many households in the US and abroad. Cleaners are well-mannered and highly professional. Companies only hire staff that has the ability to accomplish more in a tight span of time. So if you can afford only a 2-hour window to clean the house, many services will be willing to help. It all depends on your budget, and most importantly, your availability. 

So, how do you find someone who can clean the house within the span of 2 hours? Google is your best friend in this regard. Simply type the query on Google with your city or town (like Dallas cleaning services), and lots of suggestions will pop up. Calling and setting an appointment are the next steps. 

Assuming your house is kept in a maintainable way, two hours is ample time for cleaning services to work on a 3-bedroom space. This is true only if you perform some basic cleaning tasks yourself, like decluttering counters. As a rough to-do list, here are the things your cleaner can accomplish in 2 hours:


Vacuuming is the utmost important part of the cleaning process. Cleaning services have some of the best equipment out there. You can also call beforehand and inquire about the equipment and if it meets your requirements. Most people are concerned with vacuuming, as some places are tricky to clean. However, cleaners are skilled in all types of spaces, so you need not worry. Vacuuming includes your room’s carpets, stairs, and any other nooks and corners of the house. This estimate is for a single floor. 

Cleaning the Toilets

Cleaning the toilets brings immense relaxation to the house owner. Cleaning services can deep-clean upto 2 toilets within 2 hours. They make sure that the tiles are swipes, sinks wiped, and all mirrors are shiny. Moreover, you can communicate with the cleaner in advance as to what you need from the specific task. Cleaners are always open to hearing about your reservations or any possible roadblocks that can waste time. 

Cleaning the Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the busiest places in the house and needs proper attention from your cleaner. As you explain your desired process to the cleaner, they will tell if you if anything will spike up the time limit. For example, you cannot expect the cleaner to clean the grease off the oven on a routine cleanup as it takes more time. For special tasks like this, you may compensate for any other section of the house. A professional will help you chalk out the plan. 

Mopping the Floors

Mopping is like a walk in the park for your cleaning crew. They know just the right solutions to clean every surface, and they can easily fit this task within the 2-hour window. Some familiar places include the kitchen, living room, or terrace. You can double-check with the cleaning solution’s composition with the team, whether it has any allergens that can affect the residents. 

Miscellaneous Tasks 

If you are satisfied with all the spaces in the house and still have some time on your hands, the cleaner can do various other tasks. For example, dusting is a critical item on the list. It can go into your normal cleaning plan as well. Routine dusting takes little time for a single-floor house, as long as you have kept all surfaces clean in regular days. 

With all these tasks lined up, if you are present in the house, you can work with the cleaner. Most of us cleaned our houses during the COVID quarantine, so it can be easy for you. Here is a free COVID cleaning guide if you still need ideas. 

Cleaning Does Not Mean Tidying Up

Before you decide on a cleaning service, you need to have realistic goals in mind. Cleaners do not do magic on your house, and they do not do more than what is required. Therefore, you must not expect a cleaner to redecorate your house. That is for a professional decorator to do. Cleaners will also not tidy up if it is not included in their work plan. Yes, they will keep things exactly where they picked from, and be completely trustworthy.

Some people make the mistake of treating cleaners like a one-stop solution to all their pending tasks. You should know that some duties are off-limits for a cleaner. We suggest that you tidy up your place a night before the cleaner has to arrive and get the whole house involved in this process. Your cleaner will thank you for it, and you will get the most value for money out of the 2-hour window.