Photo by Joe Calomeni from Pexels

The NFL Draft is this month in Nashville, Tennessee, and we thought we would take a look at the Top 26 Best Southern Players to play in the NFL.

First the criteria. We are basing this on a point system totally made up by us. And only going with players from 1967-present

  1. Born in the South +1
  2. Played College Ball in the South  +1
  3. Played for a Southern NFL Team (min. 2 seasons)  +1
  4. BONUS Super Bowl : +1 point for each win
  5. All are HOFers with the exception of #35 (inexplicably)

Disclaimer: This is strictly for fun. Your list may be different. We did do the research and based ranks on that system. So, y’all don’t get upset if your player isn’t ranked where you think.

26.  Alan Faneca– OG- Born in New Orleans; College-LSU;inexplicably not a first ballot HOF’er this year.; 1 Super Bowl win. (3 points)

25. Leroy Selmon – RB – Born Eufala, Ok; College: Oklahoma ; Played for Buccaneers (3)

24. Willie Roaf – OT- Born in Pine Bluff, Ar; College:La.Tech; Played for Saints- Chiefs (3)

23. Earl Campbell– RB- Born in Tyler,Tx.; College: Texas; Played for Oilers and Saints (3)

22.Brett Favre- QB- Born in Gulfport,Ms.; College Southern Miss; 1 Super Bowl win (3)

21. Herschel Walker -RB- Born in Wrightsville,Ga. ; College: Georgia;  Cowboys (3)

20. Reggie White– DE- Born in Chattanooga,Tn.; College:Tennessee; 1 Super Bowl win (3)

19. Walter Payton– RB-Born in Columbia,Ms; College: Jackson State; 1 Super Bowl win (3)

18.  Ken Houston-S- Born in Lufkin, Tx. ; Colleg: Prairie View A&M; Houston Oilers (3)

17. Bob Lilly– DT- Born Olney,Tx; College: TCU; Dallas Cowboys; 1 Super Bowl win (4)

16. Derrick Brooks -LB- Born in Pensacola,Fl; College: Florida State; 1 Super Bowl win; Played for Buccaneers (4 points)

15. Richard Dent– DE- Born in Atlanta, Ga. ; College: Tennessee State ; 2 Super Bowl Wins (4)

14. Peyton Manning – QB- Born in New Orleans; College: Tennessee; 2 Super Bowl Wins (4)

13. Ken Stabler– QB- Born in Foley,Al.; College: Alabama ; 1 Super Bowl win; Played for both the Saints and Oilers; (4)

12. Bart Starr– QB- Born in Montgomery,Al. ; College: Alabama; 2 Super Bowl wins; (4)

11. Warren Sapp – DT- Born in Plymouth,FL. ; College: Miami; 1 Super Bowl win; Played for Buccaneers (4)

10. Lawrence Taylor– LB- Born in Williamsburg, Va.; College: North Carolina; two time Super Bowl (4)

9. Ray Guy – P- Born in Swinsboro, Ga.; College: Southern Miss; 3 Super Bowl Wins (5)

8. Deion Sanders – WR/DB- Fort Myers,Fl.; College: Florida State; Played for Falcons and Cowboys; 2 Super Bowl wins (5).

7. Larry Little– OG- Born in Groveland, Ga. ; College: Bethune-Cookman; Played for Dolphins; 2 Super Bowl wins (5)

6. Forrest Gregg– OT- Born in Birthright,Tx; College: SMU; 3 Super Bowl wins (5)

5. Jerry Rice– WR- Born in Starksville,Ms.; Mississippi Valley State; 3 Super Bowl wins (5)

4. John Stallworth -WR- Born in Tuscaloosa, Al.; College Alabama A&M; 4 Super Bowl Wins (6)

3. Emmitt Smith– RB- Born in Pensacola,Fl.; College: Florida; Played for Cowboys; 3 Super Bowl wins: (6)

2. Terry Bradshaw-QB- Born Shreveport,La; College: La Tech; 4 Super Bowl wins (6)

  1. Mean Joe Greene– DT- Born Temple,Tx.; College: North Texas State; Played for Miami Dolphins for 4 years; 4 Super Bowl wins. (7)