The Cowbells

The cowbell is the longstanding visual and auditory symbol of Mississippi State pride. Legend has it a wandering Jersey cow became a good luck charm in the mid-20th century after having strolled onto the field during an ultimately victorious home football game. Over time, students began bringing cowbells for continued luck at outdoor athletic events and, in the process, began a tradition that continues in the modern era.(SOURCE)

Other Traditions: Hail State, The Little Dooey, Cowbell Yell, The Junction, Famous Maroon Band, Homecoming, Egg Bowl, Maroon Friday, “Don’t Stop Believing” into fourth quarter, “Bully”

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Crimson Tide

UA’s football team was first known as the Thin Red Line or the Crimson White. As the story goes, that changed on a soggy day in 1907, when Alabama went to Birmingham to play heavily favored Auburn. Birmingham’s iron-rich soil turned to a sea of red mud which stained Alabama’s white jerseys. The team fought Auburn to a 6-6 tie and sports editor Hugh Roberts of the Birmingham Age-Herald is supposed to have said the team played like “a Crimson Tide.” The name has been ours ever since, according to Crimson Tide lore. (SOURCE)

Other Traditions: National Championships, The Quad, “Dixieland Delight,” houndstooth attire, Bear Bryant, Walk of Champions, “Sweet Home Alabama,” Iron Bowl, Smoking cigars after Tennessee win, Roll Tide, Dreamland Ribs, “Big Al”