Photo by Frank Cone from Pexels

According to the National Weather Service, where you travel this Thanksgiving could be impacted by 2 storm systems this week.

We will take a day by day look through Sunday. On Black Friday we will tweak this for your weekend return home. As always, pay attention to local stations if you are traveling.

The storm hitting the West Coast on Tuesday may possibly be a bombogenesis. What is this you ask?

Bombogenesis, a popular term used by meteorologists, occurs when a mid-latitude cyclone rapidly intensifies, dropping at least 24 millibars over 24 hours. A millibar measures atmospheric pressure. This can happen when a cold air mass collides with a warm air mass, such as air over warm ocean waters. The formation of this rapidly strengthening weather system is a process called bombogenesis, which creates what is known as a bomb cyclone.-NOAA

Monday Night– Traveling West? Heavy snows in the Rockies. Heavy snow also for the Upper Plains into Wisconsin.  High winds will add to the fire threat in Northern and Central California. The rest of country in pretty good shape. High winds across Texas and Oklahoma.

Tuesday– A hurricane like storm (see bombogenesis above) moves into California and the Northwest bringing heavy rains, snow and high winds by Tuesday night. Travel in these areas is expected to be impacted. More snow for the Rockies. Snow/rain expected for the Great lakes and Northern Plains. Snow/rain in the upper Mississippi Valley. Severe Storms develop from New Orleans to the Ohio Valley with heavy rains, some could be severe by Tuesday night. East Coast all good. Major Travel delays expected California-Washington. Travel delays expected in Rockies and from Chicago to Houston.

Wednesday – Storm system in West causes havoc of high winds , snow and heavy rains from LA to Salt Lake. Strong winds and snow will cause delays from Minneapolis to Chicago. Atlanta to Boston expect heavy rains and winds to cause delays. Major delays for those travelling to California, Oregon, Utah, Chicago, Minnesota. Minor delays from Atlanta to Boston and East

Thanksgiving Day – The West is a mess from the Rockies to California with high winds , snow and heavy rains. Heavy rains and possible storms from Texas to the upper plains, possibly in the Plains changing to snow. Gusty winds , but clear weather in the Northeast could cause delays, and wreak some havoc on the parades. Rest of East coast looks good. Major Delays California, Oregon, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, North Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas. Some delays in Northeast like Boston and NYC may see some delays.

Friday – Storms possibly severe with large hail and tornadoes in the Plains, including North Texas, Oklahoma, and South-Central Texas. Snow and strong winds from Northern arizona to Minneapolis.

Saturday – Rockies and Great Lakes see heavy snows, high winds. Dallas to Atlanta to Indianapolis to St. Louis  expected to see heavy rains, and storms. New storm moves onto California Coast.

Sunday – Travel delays from Central Plains to the East Coast. Come back Friday for an updated look.