South Carolina is full of Smiling Faces and Beautiful Places.. except for a few.. there are a few places that the faces don’t smile as much, and the places have a scary history:

  1. Seven Devils Bridge-Woodruff- Locals claim that crossing the Seven Devils Bridge at precisely midnight is a traumatic experience and those who do it go mad, at least temporarily. Some people also claim to see greenish colored lights off in the distance while sitting at Seven Devils Bridge. Why? Because it’s haunted by the 7 souls who were hung there.
  2. Herdklotz Park – Greenville – Upon first look it looks like a very pleasant family park. BUT, history shows us it was built upon the former grounds of the Greenville Tuberculosis Hospital. And as most “specialty” hospitals seem to become, later a mental asylum. So you know it’s just your average playground, where at night shadowy forms are seen and sometimes screams are heard. But… not the screams of playing children.
  3. White Point Garden– Charleston- Also known as The Battery. Countless pirates were hung from the trees here. Their spirits still remain.
  4. Salem Black River Church – Sumter– Many are said to haunt the old church, including a priest whose family was wiped out by the plague.
  5. Hell’s Gate (Oakwood Cemetery)– Spartanburg – The most haunted cemetery in South Carolina – Many visitors say that their cellphones start to act very erratically in the cemetery for no apparent reason. Batteries will drain, or the phone will ring when there is no incoming call. Then there is the laughter of small children. Screams. You know run of the mill haunted cemetery stuff.
  6. South Carolina Insane Asylum – Columbia- The most haunted place in South Carolina. Built around 1822. By the 1950s it housed over 5,000 patients.
  7. Pawleys Island– Home to many supernatural guests such as The Gray Man and Annie Flagg. The Gray Man reportedly died in the marshes and now warns folks of impending storms. Alice Flagg,simply put, died of a broken heart and wanders the island looking for her engagement ring (story)