Buying a gift for someone else is sometimes difficult. It can be even harder when it’s your husband. It’s not that you don’t know him; it’s that you love him! That pushes you to pick out the perfect gift on special occasions. Don’t worry — your wish is not impossible to achieve. You just need a nudge in the right direction, and a few top-notch ideas to keep on hand!

6. Spoil Him With A New Watch

There’s this idea that women are the only ones who love to receive jewelry as a gift, but that’s not the case. Men appreciate fine jewelry, too. The only difference is that some of them may appreciate different items. When’s the last time you bought a watch for your husband? Watches are fantastic Christmas gifts because they’re versatile, stylish, and can be worn almost anywhere.

If your husband has always wanted a Rolex or another luxury watch, then maybe it’s time to spoil him. In addition to saving for a new watch, you can also scour antique shops and consignment shops for vintage luxe brands. However, you don’t have to spend beaucoup bucks to get a lovely watch. Many casual timepieces and sporty watches are aesthetically pleasing, as well. Some of them have neat features that your husband will love to experiment with as he learns about his new piece of jewelry.

For an extra touch of sweetness, see about getting the watch engraved. You can inscribe an important date or a loving message to make sure your gift is both memorable and perfect for your husband’s lifestyle.

5. Surprise Him with a Doggone Adorable Present

They say that it’s presumptuous to give a pet as a present, but there are exceptions to that rule. Adding another member to the family is a wonderful way to celebrate the holiday. If you know your husband would love to have a dog, then consider making this the Christmas to add a furry friend to your family!

Contemplate the breeds your husband has talked about wanting. Instead of tying a bow around a live puppy, think about giving this gift early or arranging to look for dogs at some point between Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Picking out a pet is a personal experience. Every dog has its own personality. Make an appointment to view dogs at a local animal shelter, then use the appointment card as a gift. Your husband will have the pleasure of receiving an amazing gift, but he’ll be able to meet a variety of dogs to find the perfect pooch.

4. The Gift Of Body Care

Guys enjoy grooming, too. A grooming kit or a basket of body care products will please him all year long. Here, you have the option of buying a pre-selected collection, or you can purchase items separately and create a DIY kit full of products and fragrances that you know he’ll love.

Whatever you decide, you can tailor this gift to your husband’s preferences. Does he love shaving tools and facial moisturizer? Does he have a beard and/or mustache that he styles with the season? Look for kits devoted to facial hair or pamper his dry winter skin with a selection of luxury face care products. You can also go all-out with a men’s body care kit that includes shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, and lotion. If he’s a collector of colognes, then grab a few of his favorites or pick an array of small bottles to introduce him to new scents.

3. Getaway Gift

A getaway is an unforgettable gift, so think about taking your husband on a cruise. Maybe his year has been stressful, or perhaps it’s been way too long since the two of you had the time and money to go on an extended vacation together. You won’t have to worry about navigating a new city or booking a hotel room, and the two of you will be catered to for the entire duration of your cruise. There are a lot of different cruise lines and destinations, so you two can float off to a place he’s always wanted to visit! Be it the warm waters of the Caribbean or the dazzling Northern Lights of Alaska or Iceland — the world is your oyster!

2. For the Fixer-Upper

Is your hubby a certified tool man? Add to his collection with a tool he’s been pining for, and he’ll be the happiest man on Christmas morning. Pay attention to any home improvement projects he’s mentioned wanting to do. That gives you the chance to give him tools that will help him accomplish his DIY goal. You can also update his current tool collection with a new set of wrenches or that table saw you know he wants. Since quality tools are expensive, it’s a nice idea to gradually add to his arsenal on every gift-giving occasion. Plus, you’ll have built-in gift ideas for anniversaries and birthdays as well as Christmas!

1. Indulge His Passion

DIY projects aside, what does your husband enjoy doing in his free time? Some guys love to go fishing at the nearest lake. Others put together intricate models, play the drums, read voraciously, golf, or garden. Christmas is the perfect time to celebrate your husband’s hobbies and passions. That might mean arranging a camping weekend with his buddies, getting him tickets to see his favorite team play, or presenting him with a signed or first edition copy of his very favorite book. He’ll go wild for a gift like this not just because he gets to do something he loves to do, but also because it’s a meaningful present that proves you pay attention to the things that matter to him.

Spend a little time thinking about your husband, what he likes, and his personality. Consider what he wants as well as what he needs. You’ll discover a gift so on-point that you’ll have trouble keeping it a secret until Christmas!

Author Bio: Katie Tejada is a writer, editor, and former HR professional. She enjoys writing about events, travel, decorating trends, and innovations for the home, but also covers developments in HR, business communication, recruiting, real estate and finance.

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