Photo by Michael Morse from Pexels

by Tess Dinapoli, Guest Contributor

Show your appreciation for the selfless lady who always puts everyone else before herself. If anyone deserves a thoughtful and indulgent present this Valentine’s Day, it’s your Nana! After all, no one loves you more than her. All year long, she’s made sure you have enough to eat and has spoiled you silly, but now it’s time to spoil her back. And while your Nana might be busy baking her famous sweet potato pie or another classic southern treat, she deserves a nice gift this Valentine’s Day.

So when Nana isn’t putting up her adorable seasonal decorations or lovingly writing handmade cards for all her grandchildren, sneak in one of these perfect finds just for her.

Sophisticated Tassel Necklace

layered-necklaceFinding a unique accessory that feels timeless and beautiful (just like your sweet Nana!) can be challenging, which is why we are loving the elegance of layered necklaces that feature glass accents. Seek out a stunning long, delicate necklace that showcases her favorite metal and makes a perfect accent to her favorite blouse, dress or luxe cashmere sweater.

Beaded detailing and a layered pendant, like the ones crafted beautifully in this layered necklace are a great way to treat your Nana to a little glam this Valentine’s Day!

Boost Nana’s Wellness

blender-blendjetIf your Nana is all about staying healthy and active, she will love a thoughtful gift that enhances her lifestyle and makes her everyday routine a little bit simpler. We are picking up the super popular portable blender for every fitness junkie in our lives, and Nana should be no exception! Whether she enjoys her weekly yoga sweat sessions or simply going for long walks in the park with her grandchildren, Nana will love the convenience of a personal (and easy to wash!) blender that can whip up her favorite smoothies and other fresh treats in a jiffy.

Give Her The Coziest Essentials

Just as much as Nana loves to get out, enjoy time with her family, and stay healthy, she’s sure to love hunkering down at home during the cold winter months. Staying nice and cozy inside with a cup of her luxurious herbal tea while reading her Bible is made even more relaxed and memorable with a luxe weighted blanket. These ultra-comforting essentials are just as perfect for cozying up at the fireplace as they are for adding to the bed for a more restful night of sleep. Definitely a must for grandmas who enjoy that extra little bit of comfort at home!

Give Gram the Gift Of Glow

Every Nana deserves a little bit of indulgence and me-time once in a while! So consider treating her to a luxurious skincare product that will boost her natural glow and offer revitalizing benefits for her mature skin. Encourage her to indulge in self-care when you select a beauty product that feels personalized to her needs.

All-natural skincare products are always the best bet to ensure even the most sensitive of skin types will benefit. Options like virgin marula oil are an all-in-one solution that she can easily incorporate into her daily routine. This lightweight and hydrating formula is never greasy or oily, and it offers improved skin texture and elasticity for a youthful and supple skin finish that she will love!

Showcase Her Faith

cross-necklaceIf the only one Nana loves as much as her precious grandchildren is Jesus, she deserves something extra special that will remind her of her faith every day and provide a bit of well-deserved glamour to boot. A stunning diamond cross pendant is a classy and lovely way for her to showcase her dedication to the church, and it will become a statement piece she’ll be proud to wear.

If you’re searching for a beautiful gift that will leave her speechless on Valentine’s Day, a diamond cross pendant with a beautiful white gold chain, a piece that will never go out of style for Nana.

A Little Southern Grit and Greenery

planting-trendsWhetherIf the one place in the world where your Nana is most at home is in her immaculate garden, there’s nothing better than treating her to some indoor plants that will help her keep her green thumb in practice while her outdoor plants are in hibernation.

The cold, gray winter weather can be depressing for even the most cheerful Nana, and indoor plants are known to lift the spirits. The lovely greenery adds color and vibrance to any room, and the little bit of nature can give her something to nurture when her family is away. They’re good for the earth, too! You can be sure that some beautiful indoor plants will add a smile to her face.

Introduce Some Friendly Tech

One of the hardest things about leaving Nana’s cozy home when the holidays are over is not being able to see her every day. Y’all can talk on the phone and or even send an old fashioned letter, but it’s never the same as being face-to-face.

That’s why we love seeing grandparents everywhere embracing simple-to-use technology that can bring them closer to their families! A simple tech device like the Echo Show or Google Nest make ideal gifts for Nanas who are separated from family due to distance during the year, and they should be easy enough for her to master. What’s especially great about these gadgets is that they don’t require Nana to commit to an overwhelming smartphone with tons of features she will never use. Just show her the couple of buttons she needs to press to see your smiling face, and trust us, you’ll have won the holidays in no time!

So no matter what y’all are doing to celebrate this Valentine’s Day, don’t forget to treat Nana to a thoughtful gift that will touch her heart and add some extra cheer throughout the cold winter months.