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Battle Of Football Traditions – Oklahoma

Boomer Sooner or Cowboy? Oklahoma and Oklahoma State have great football traditions. Make sure and vote for your Southern Tradition favorite here. Oklahoma Top Tradition: Sooner...

Battle of College Football Traditions – Missouri

The Missouri Tigers are one of the newer members of the SEC East. At Missouri their true tradition is Homecoming. They are the Home of...

Battle of College Football Traditions – Arkansas

SOOOOOOOOOO PIG SOOOOIE RAZORBACKS!!!! It can be heard across the state of Arkansas every fall as rabid Razorback fans cheer on their Arkansas team. Don't...

Battle of College Football Traditions- Louisiana

On Saturday nights in Baton Rouge, you can hear what begins as a low rumble and turns to a mighty roar as the Tigers...

Battle of College Football Traditions – Mississippi

#HailState or "Hotty Toddy" . In Mississippi football tradition runs deep. Let's look at both schools and don't forget to vote for your favorite...

Battle of College Football Traditions-Alabama

This may be two of the most contested rivalries in the South. Alabama and Auburn. One this is for sure they are both deep...

Battle of the Football Traditions – Tennessee

Memphis, Vanderbilt, Tennessee. It used to be just "Big Orange Country" . But, recent successes by the Tigers and 'Dores has fans talking about...

Battle of The Football Traditions- Kentucky

All about Cards and Cats when it comes to the 2 major college football programs in the state of Kentucky. Don't forget to vote for...

Battle of the Football Traditions – Georgia

Ramblin' Wreck or one UGA dog, in Georgia they take their football seriously. Don't forget to vote for your favorite Southern Football Tradition here. Georgia Tech Ramblin’...

Battle of Football Traditions – North Carolina

Blue Devils, Demons, Wolfpack, and Tarheels.. No, it's not Halloween, it's football traditions in North Carolina. Don't Forget To Vote For Your Favorite Southern College...